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" I won't vote for Barack Obama because he's black"

According to a recent AP-Yahoo News poll, this unfortunate sentiment currently belongs to thirty percent of white Democratic and Independent voters. This sentiment could also cost Obama the race if the election remains to be as close as it is.

In addition, this sentiment could also be the reason why the election remains to be this close. After all, John McCain supported both an unpopular, if not the most unpopular, president and the war in Iraq. McCain also played a hand in this country's current economic crisis by voting for de-regulation as well as significant tax breaks for the very same financial corporations that have gone down the toilet this week.

What is important to you Americans? It blows my mind that this many Americans, Democratic and Independent voters no less, would vote for John McCain simply because the alternative happens to be a man of color. Actually it goes beyond that, it entirely and utterly terrifies me. This poll does not just represent the deep-rooted prejudices that many Americans still have towards people of color, it speaks loud and clear to the fact that many of you are just afraid. Afraid that electing a black man to the office of the president will create a domino affect of electing other non-white men and women to positions of great power in America.

Is that thought so appalling to you? What is there to be afraid of? This country has been led by white men since it's inception. White men continue to head up major corporations ( like AIG, Lehman Brothers and Merril Lynch). It is mostly white men that are in that top 1% of our population who control the majority of the wealth in this country.

It has also been white men that have lied to you about the reasons for invading Iraq. A lie that has led to a price tag nearing a trillion dollars. Guess who's paying for that America? Us, ALL of us. Black, white, Asian and Hispanic. Every American citizen is paying for the deceit and disgrace that the current white men in office have caused, and will likely to continue to cause if John McCain is elected.

Look around dear Americans, this country is not made up entirely of white men, nor do white people remain the vast majority of our population. This country remains to be an international icon known for it's melting-pot society. Non-whites currently make up one third of our population. 45% of children under the age of five are non-white. That means in just twenty years, this country could potentially be equally mixed. The word " minority" dear Americans could be used to describe white people in the future. I can assure you at that time, it will not be a white man who is in office.

I say that not to scare you Americans, but to open your eyes to the reality that times are changing and we need to change with them. We need to embrace the change that this country so desperately needs. If you vote for John McCain just because the thought of a black man as president frightens you, then I pity you. That choice will only result in a reality that will be worse than your worst nightmares for this country.

Please don't be naive about the current state of our country and economy. We are just steps away from standing in soup lines. The current administration has brought us to the border of an economic crisis that parallels the Great Depression. That was almost a hundred years ago. We've come a long way since then. Voting for John McCain simply because he is white, could bring this country right back there.

As a a white woman, and a Democrat, there are many factors that I am basing my vote on for this election .

First of all, I want my country to embody the very ideals that it was founded upon; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I want to be proud of my government again. I want to know that my taxes are being spent on initiatives to better our country and its citizens and not just to cater to the super rich.

I want to feel safe. I want to know that when my government tells me that there is an international threat, that it should be honest and accurate and not just a vehicle to provide work for private interests and shove democracy down the throat of a country who does not want us to be there.

I want the gap between the super rich and the middle class to be decreased. I want to be able to have and raise children in a country where people take part in democracy to vote for the candidates that represent their ideals and not their prejudices.

This country doesn't need a man of color to be able to achieve the change that i so desperately needs. This country needs a man who has the intelligence, qualifications, experience, patience and insight needed to lead this country in the right direction. That man ladies and gentlemen is Barack Obama.

I am a white, Democratic woman and I am voting for Barack Obama because his " wants" for this country, echo my own.

I plead with my white, Democratic and Independent peers to look inside themselves to realize what it is they really want from our next president. Is it a strong leader who will represent the best interests of its' citizens? Or, is it a man who lacks pigment in his skin?

Think about it.