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How does it feel Johnny?

Hey Senator McCain, how does it feel to know that one of the most respected members of your party, Colin Powell, endorsed Barack Obama this morning?

I bet it feels pretty shitty.

Yep, pretty shitty to know that such an intelligent, admired and dedicated Republican thinks that you, Palin and the rest of the cluster-fuck that is the Bush administration, needs to go! If you really believed in putting our " country first" you would realize that the first thing that this country needs is a drastic shift in government, one that Barack Obama can bring to us. You see your distorted idea of our country is that it should be one that is deeply bitter and divided.

Your campaign has been making massive " robo-calls" in swing states in which your representatives tell listeners that Obama is a terrorist. Is that putting country first? No, it's more like lying first in a desperate attempt to play into the worst fears of Americans and, in turn, bring out the worst in them.

You will do anything to win at this point. Lie, distort, change your platform every week and recently, inspire and encourage deep hatred from your political base. You, Palin, your campaign and the Bush administration are pathetic. You are the antithesis of what this country needs.

I know it, Colin Powell knows it, and hopefully the rest of the country will by November 4th.

Do you?

Be informed, make the right choice. Decided to put your country first and elect Barack Obama.

The thought of the other possible result of this election keeps me up at night. It's ironic that the thought of a living nightmare keeps me from my dreams, for my dreams are ones of greatness for this country.

What are yours? Dream big, hope for change. And, above all else, make it happen. Vote for Barack Obama.