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Patti Davis, not a mummy
[In the hopes that this piece will create some healthy discourse on the topic of all women's bodies.] When I read Patti Davis’s recent article in More magazine, where she “bares all” at 58, I was poised in my seat, prepared to feel inspired.  My body, like hers, has been built from scratch. I too...
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I'm not some big Charlie Sheen fan. I've appreciated this interesting turn of events. I've appreciated his colorful and distinctive outspokenness. I think there's something he's doing that's resonating with people that seems powerful - that doesn't mean I condone all of his behavior.  ...
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Belle of the Ball
Somebody has to get away from the Jersey coast and right quick before somebody ends up in a poorly lit rehab with a bunch of old fishermen and ex-Wendy's employees. I'm caged in this old house. Caged, I tell you. Picture this: You're 41, an attractive single female, living at the Jersey shore...
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  Don’t try to change me.   He says. Drunk, on replay, repeating the same old warning.   Don't try to change me.    My dear, when you have so little to offer, what is there really to change?    Don't try to change me.     If I could change you, if I had the energy...
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Summer unwrapped her lanky leg from the sticky pole and descended from the stage. "Fucking gross," she hissed. Minutes earlier, she had give a lap dance to a man who reeked of salami and cheap cologne. While the men were never allowed to touch her, many had. Salami man managed to lick...
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I'm naked in an upscale clothing store in New York City. My wealthy friend Thomas is buying a fancy Italian shirt. He buys clothing on a whim. We're going out tonite and he wants to wear something nice. I browse the men's clothes with him, careful not to drift over to the women's section...
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If you're anything like me, first off, good luck. It's not easy feat. Secondly, you smiled big and hard when you read the story about Jet Blue's flight attendant Steven Slater and his dramatic dispute with a passenger. According to The New York Times: Mr. Slater instructed the person to...
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I don't think I've ever tittered before. I'm not even sure what a titter is. But when the question hit me, that's what I began to do. "Why don't we just have sex? Right now." Clint and I don't have sex. He and his brothers live down the street and serve as my surrogate family at the...
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"You know what your problem is?" "What?" "You're giving your pussy away on a platter." "I'm what?" "You're coming across as desperate." "I am desperate!" My soon-to-be-ex friend Clint is explaining to me in his inimitable way that giving...
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The first time I died in my sleep, I was a child. Someone had knocked me on the head in my dream and I began rising quickly, into the air. A little voice whispered urgently, “Don’t go any higher or you can’t come back!” Shaken, I willed myself to fall downward and woke up. My flying dreams would...
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      Me at IHOP a few mornings ago. I'm the one upside down, naked and falling.     I heard the calling while driving home from Philadelphia a few mornings ago. I had attended a show at Johnny Brenda’s the night before and stayed over night at a friend’s house. Mildly hung-over,...
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(With some trepidation, I approached this piece. I didn't want to hear lectures from the all-knowing outside world about racism or altruism. Political correctness sets my teeth on edge. Why? Because I believe most of us possess "isms" in one form of the other but love to seem otherwise....
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The first time I see him, he is leaning against his work van, watching me intently. I'm taking out the trash, doing my best to ignore him. He starts to whistle some dumb tune as a way to get my attention. I'm in my robe. I don't want an audience. His whistle gets increasingly louder. Do you think...
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“Is that the guy who likes to have sex with dead women?” “No, I think that’s just a myth.” “Do you want another line?” “When I’m done. I’m almost done. Maybe. Okay, yes.” My boyfriend walks away. The party continues around me. This is the ugly kind of party where people have turned into zombies,...
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It’s not easy, letting someone into your home. Because then they see the holes in the walls, the off-kilter frames, the cobwebs in the corner. It’s not easy, letting someone see you as you really are. Because then they see the worn look in your eyes, the clenched jaw, the slumped shoulders. It’s...
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