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Feb.02.2008 - 8:34 am
Perhaps because I was one of those perpetually active kids—ice skating during winter days, playing kickball through the summer, racing my brother around the block, forever honing...
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Feb.02.2008 - 8:32 am
Moments ago, I finished my final read through of HOUSE OF DANCE, the novel due out in June. It's an emotional thing, frankly, to see a book in this stage, to reflect back on all...
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Jan.29.2008 - 11:05 am
Today I'm participating in the very beautiful movement to support a loved writer named Patry Francis. She's someone I don't know but feel I do know, and today is her day. I'm...
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Jan.14.2008 - 6:27 pm
I spent today revising a novel I'd first-draft finished writing six months ago—moving through and identifying missing scenes, making notes about raw transitions, straightening the...
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Comments from Beth

Feb.07.2008 - 4:09 am
In response to: Words in Motion
Hmmm. Well, let's see. The good news is that our rivers are miles apart, miles and mountains. Or perhaps that is the...
Jan.10.2008 - 4:54 am
In response to: Are We There Yet?
I love these responses—and I thank you for them. I think, too, that if the writing doesn't feel like an adventure, a...
Jan.08.2008 - 4:15 pm
In response to: On the Brink
Zenobia the name turns heads, it really doess. Each of us brings our own understanding of the word, its origins. Of...
Jan.05.2008 - 7:50 am
In response to: Infused? Suffused?
Dear Renjie, This is such a beautiful way of putting things: the thrill of reading history lies in anticipation of the...
Jan.02.2008 - 3:16 pm
In response to: On the Brink
Nor is writing a book from the perspective of anything non-human so terribly unexpected. There is a turtle out there...

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Small Damages.jpg
Published by The New York Times
“Dreamlike” is one word for Beth Kephart’s latest novel, Small Damages, in which an American teenager is exiled to Spain after she gets pregnant. Her percolating story emerges...