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Cell phone use among children is a massive uncontrolled experiment on the brain. So says Devra Davis, Ph.D., award-winning scientist, writer and founder of Environmental Health Trust, a nonprofit devoted to researching and controlling avoidable environmental health threats. “Children’s skulls are...
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Have you heard about "pink slime" in ground beef? It’s the term affectionately used by meat industry insiders that refers to a pinkish paste made of meat scraps from the slaughterhouse floor. These scraps were once only used for pet food and cooking oil, but now, a company called Beef...
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There are as many as 17,000 secret chemicals that are potentially hazardous to our health, and to the environment, that we unwittingly use in our homes every day. Secret chemicals? Yes, according to a recent report from the Environmental Protection Agency, the names and physical properties of...
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Food manufacturers are clever. They try to make us think that processed food is just as healthy as unprocessed food, or that a product containing high fructose corn syrup is “All Natural.” A green checkmark label called “Smart Choices” recently appeared on hundreds of food packages, including...
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The toxic chemical BPA, or Bisphenol A is lurking in your hard plastic water bottles, baby sippy cups, dental sealants and in your canned food. BPA acts like estrogen and increases the risk of breast cancer and early puberty in women. It can cause reproductive damage and may lead to prostate and...
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Lead in your dishware can be hazardous to your health. You may not be aware that most dishes sold in department stores and home decorating stores use lead glazes, without labeling them. Lead is a toxic substance that accumulates in your body, so even small amounts can pose a health hazard over...
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Every single day you may be inhaling or ingesting toxic chemicals right in your very own kitchen. Things like your household cleaners, non-stick cookware, food containers and dishware can emit chemicals that are shown to cause health problems like learning disabilities, autism, asthma and...
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Food manufacturers are trying to make you think that processed food is just as healthy as unprocessed food. The New York Times reported on September 8 that there’s a new green checkmark label called Smart Choices that is starting to show up in grocery stores now. You’ll see it on hundreds of...
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There's so much controversy surrounding vaccines. I've read that they can cause autism and neurological problems. In California and some other states, you can get an exemption or vaccination waiver at schools if you are philosphically opposed to immunizing your child. But at my daughter's summer...
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