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I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I've posted!!!


I can't say that I've been busy - I think preoccupied is a better word. I have a lot of changes happening in my life. I want to say some are good and some are not so good - but I don't think that would be an accurate statement.


So I'll just say that some of the changes are very scary. Maybe once the cycle is complete I'll look back an ask, "What in the world were you afraid of, this is great!"


My summer has been very quiet. My television has been working overtime and the cushions on my sofa  have a permanent impression of my behind pressed into it.  Everyday I think about writing - and everyday I turn on the ID channel and wonder about all of the madness in the world.







But the end of August will be the end of my slackness, because it's that last hurdle before we move into my season - Autumn!!! All praise to Autumn!!!


Don't get me wrong, I like flip-flop weather, but I suspect I enjoy sunshine and heat when I have a blue ocean as a backdrop. And I won't call any ocean water surrounding NYC, blue!


There is something magical about autumn -- maybe it's because I was born in September - or maybe it's the crispness in the air, the color of the leaves, the sky......who knows - but I love it!


I've received emails and tweets from folk asking if I'm writing and when I will be publishing a new book. Well, for those of you who have asked and for those of you who haven't asked, here is the deal:


I've been piecing this story together in my head and my soul for a few years now. I have a few chapters that I've actually put on paper - but now I feel like I'm ready to burst! This is how it always is for me. I'm all filled up with characters, story lines, scents and visions -- so full that I'm sure I waddle when I walk!


So, I know that the time is coming when I will close myself away and begin to write.


In any case, here is a little bit of information about the new book. More to come as things progress.


Working Title: The Curious Life of Harlen Elliott


Opening Line: "We will begin here, behind the closed lids of his eyes."


Publication Date: 2014 (God Willing)










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