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I Declare War on the Re-masculinization of Contemporary Culture

Recent events have reminded me of why it is necessary, once again, to beat back the creeping re-masculinization of contemporary culture. We fought this battle in the 60s, but, obviously, we need some new recruits and we need an intense refresher course. 

It's NOT a man's world, damnit, which is only one of the reasons it is NOT okay for an 18-yr old or a 60-yr old waiter/waitress to walk up to MY table --especially my table full of women--and ask, "What can I get you guys?" 

Not unless they're also walking up to a table of white guy execs and saying, "Hi! What can I get you sistas?"

Or asking any table of males, "What'll you girls be having today?!" 

And, btw, what does it mean if God (however you define that concept) is always and only referred to as "he"? If God is He, yet you are made in HIS image, what chance do you ever have of accepting and loving your Woman-self if you can't even name yourself when referring to all-powerful, all-knowing, ubiquitous HIM? 

If you have chosen to make maleness the center of your universe and you can still find space for Woman You, that's awesome. 

If you have decided that this is simply not an issue that resonates with you, that, too, is your choice. 

If, however, you occasionally reconsider even your most deeply held beliefs--or your superficial ones that you hold only because your consciousness has been steeped in patriarchy since before you were born--holla.

These are not rhetorical questions. I wanna know. 

Hints for answering:

  • Do not quote any scriptures.
  • Do not simply repeat what somebody else told you.
  • Break it down in your own words based on what you've worked out for yourself.
  • Peace. Love. Understanding. And room for all of us.