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Bernadette Moyer's Writings

Going Home By Bernadette A. Moyer Is going “home” a place or a person or a feeling? Pennsylvania will always be “home” to me and yet I have not resided there in more than 30 years. I was born and raised there. All my childhood memories point back to Pennsylvania. When I go there I visit places that I used to frequent, places where my parents took me as a child....
Bare Breasted Heart
Solitude By Bernadette A. Moyer   Surrounded by life signs Nature, nurture Thoughts so intimately mine In sharing space, sharing time I, myself, my own life line   Your endless chatter Heavens what is the matter Peace I have on my own Peace a chance for growth and roam Your endless needs, I pray, please recede   Sun sand tree land Child love and...
Bare Breasted Heart (Poetry of Life, Love, Pain and Gain)
China Tea Cup by Bernadette A. Moyer   China Tea Cup So beautiful So perfect Artistic Functional Newly Admired   Cracked and chipped Broken Glued and patched Fixed Seemingly repaired Never the same        
When Somebody Loves You By Bernadette A. Moyer When somebody loves you, it is a gift, and a gift that needs to be cherished. Love is a living thing; it can die if not properly nurtured. Not everyone is going to get you, like you and ultimately love you. When we find love, we need to take care of it, respect it and truly cherish it. I am talking about real love,...
Bare Breasted Heart
Peace for Christmas, My Wish for You! by Bernadette A. Moyer   Take time for others Take time for self Time is the gift The gift of wealth Gift of time, gift of grace, gift of giving Biggest gift is all forgiving Mirror peace from you to me Mirror peace for all to see Tree of joy, tree of love, tree of peace Tree of heart, tree from you and me Tree of love...
Sexual Abuse By Bernadette A. Moyer Today we all know that sexual abuse is a crime and a crime that needs to be reported. Years ago it wasn’t that cut and dried and often buried to try and protect the victim. Protecting the victim often allowed the abuser to get away with the crime of sexual abuse. The abuser is someone’s family member, a father, an uncle, a...
A Child is Born   By Bernadette A. Moyer A child is born and a mother learns that her heart has no boundaries. The love for that child is boundless and infinite beyond measure. For a mother a child begins in anticipation long before they arrive into this world. She carries that baby and cares for herself and the unborn child as she waits in much...
Chipper Peed on Mamie Moyer's Ivory Blanket By Bernadette A. Moyer I knew when I got up from the big wicker rocking chair to pull up Mamie Moyer's ivory blanket and yet I didn't do it. I just had a feeling. Less than an hour later I returned to find pee on it on the part that touched the floor. It didn't take much detective work to know that it was Chipper and...
Trust in the Universe  By Bernadette A. Moyer There is calmness and a peacefulness that comes from trusting in the universe. To that end, we learn to trust ourselves. When we stop trying so hard and stop trying to force things to happen but learn to accept that everything does happen for us in its own good time. The universe has a plan and has exactly what...
What do famous actresses like Demi Moore, Meg Ryan and Jennifer Aniston have in common?   At one point in their lives they were estranged from their mother. In 2010 a survey conducted by 20th Century Fox showed that 8 out of 10 people reported that the women in their families were responsible for ongoing family feuds;   4 out of 10 reported that they...