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Writer’s Write Blogs, Articles, Grants and More

By Bernadette A. Moyer

It doesn’t matter if it is a blog post, an article or a 56 page grant. Writer’s write! Just received news that a grant proposal that I assisted with and co-wrote to secure a government grant in excess of half a million dollars was accepted and approved. There is no higher high than knowing you wrote something that someone received, paid attention to and acted upon that will eventually help many others. I don’t have a half a million dollars to give to anyone for anything but I can write and help secure that kind of funding. The written word is so powerful.

I have seldom been grammatically correct but I have always known how to present the facts, outline a story and take the reader from a concept through to conclusion. To my critics, I say, a compelling story wins every single time over proper grammar!

Often, I think that I could write about a bologna sandwich or a chocolate cake. But writing grants is probably the most linear process in writing, connecting all the dots, knowing where you are in contrast to where you are trying to go. Understanding what proper structure and financial support can mean to any given project. Writing grants is the ability to get in the zone, take your story, validate it, sell it and bring your idea to a living life form whether it is a program or capital improvement grant.

The most money I have ever secured from my writing has been in grant writing for several non-profits, there is no greater high and no greater sense of accomplishment for this writer. I enjoy connecting to others through blog postings and my articles but there is something so profound about an accepted grant. A grant that will bring funding and aid to others who might never receive the help otherwise.

By the way, many grant proposals are rejected, just like an article or a blog, that doesn’t fly or isn’t well received. You know that going into it, but you have to try and put it out there and hope that your compelling story hit just the right audience at just the right time. Approved! Approval that is every writers high! Making that connection ... High on writing …    


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Well done!

Well done!

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Thanks Jane! My best to you!