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When I Was 32 Years Young ...

When I Was 32 Years Young ...

By Bernadette A. Moyer

How could Susan have possibly known?

It was a Facebook game where everyone was asked to write about a certain age, my request was so meaningful for me. At age 32 in 1992 I didn’t think life could get any sweeter or could I be any happier. That was the age when I received a new husband and infant twins, a son and a daughter.

It was Easter in 1992 and I was asked to babysit for twins who just lost their mother. Stacey died as a result of complications of childbirth. Her mother was my Realtor friend who requested that I come to her house on that Saturday to sit for her grandbabies. The family needed a babysitter so they could all attend the viewings and the funeral. I was happy to do it!

At that time, I had been on my own with an 11 year old daughter. Her father, my first husband died more than nine years earlier. Due to abuse allegations we had become estranged from my family. The estrangement was fairly new. I was called to babysit during these Easter holidays because everyone in my real estate office knew that I had no family to speak of.

I met Brian who would later become my second husband while I was holding his pre-mature infant daughter. Her head was shaven from all the work done on her while in the hospital; she was so tiny in being 8-weeks pre-mature.

That summer of 1992 we became inseparable and that fall we were engaged to be married. We were both just 32 years old. My engagement ring came with 5-diamond stones, one stone to represent each one of us. He had three in his family and I had two in mine. Together we now had 3 plus 2 to equal 5.

We now have 21 years together as a couple and the marriage is about as good as it could be, who knew back then at 32 years old that at 53 we would still be so happy together!

The number 32 is so meaningful for me and the age 32 was a wonderful age to be, old enough to be taken seriously and young enough to have all the energy and health that comes with being young.

I loved being 32 and will always look at that age with enormous joy! It was a wonderful and truly happy time in our lives …

(this blog is a result of a Facebook friend who requested it, she assigned me the age of 32 for a game, to write about myself at age 32, one of the best years of my life)