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The Good Stuff ... Another 100 Things to Be Happy About!

 The Good Stuff … Another 100 Things to Be Happy About! 

By Bernadette A. Moyer 

My first 100 came so easy I thought I’d write another, we all have so much to be happy about! What is on your list? 

1)      Picking up your dogs after their grooming appointment and they look great 

2)      A big bowl of cut up fresh fruits in the refrigerator 

3)      My husband washing and waxing my car because he wants to do it for me 

4)      An invitation to lunch 

5)      A perfect sunset 

6)      Family photos 

7)      Intelligent people 

8)      Successful people 

9)      When the first piece of pie comes out looking great 

10)   Your first snowball for the summer 

11)   Your favorite wine is on sale 

12)   Summer holidays of red, white and blue 

13)   Christmas shopping in July 

14)   Long road trips to fun locations 

15)   Taking the train to New York City 

16)   Neighborhood newspapers where you find really great community stories 

17)   The Amish market 

18)   In season red ripe firm tomatoes 

19)   New sneakers 

20)   Flat screen TV’s 

21)   Happy Hour at your neighborhood bar 

22)   The sermon that seems like it was written just for you 

23)   Connecting with new people 

24)   Books with hard covers and dust jackets 

25)   Love letters and cards that you have collected through the years from your spouse and re-reading them 

26)   A last minute invite and you are free to go 

27)   Fat juicy steamed crabs and pitchers of ice cold beer 

28)   Summer nights around the fire pit 

29)   Letting go and trusting in the universe and seeing just how healthy it is for you 

30)   Dorney Park for food and rides 

31)   Grassy hilled properties with horses on them 

32)   Warm summer rains when you can walk around in it and be free just like when you were a kid 

33)   Catching a fish that is a keeper and having it for dinner 

34)   Picking your own blueberries 

35)   Growing fresh mint for your iced tea 

36)   Painting a room and it looks great 

37)   The smells of breakfast like bacon cooking and coffee brewing 

38)   My husband’s hugs 

39)   The old people in the neighborhood that stop by for a chat 

40)   Being asked to volunteer your time and talents  

41)   Red sandals 

42)   French manicures 

43)   Pretty new pedicures 

44)   Soft serve ice cream in a cone 

45)   Unexpected recognition for something that you do because you enjoy it 

46)   Funny people that make you laugh out loud 

47)   A direct flight that arrives on time 

48)   Postcards that arrive unexpectedly from other countries 

49)   Having your diamond ring steam cleaned 

50)   A gift and it isn’t even a holiday 

51)   Someone who makes food for you 

52)   Friends who can order for you because they remember how you like your steak cooked and how you like your drink prepared 

53)   Gay guy friends that are like the best girlfriends, fun! 

54)   Teachers that remember you from way back when 

55)   Old neighbors that you have kept up with 

56)   Model homes that are perfectly decorated 

57)   Pinterest pinning 

58)   The day you finish your novel and turn it over to your publisher 

59)   McCormick spices being made and waffling through the air like fresh cinnamon 

60)   A massage 

61)   Handmade soaps 

62)   Long walks on the beach at twilight 

63)   The big screen movies 

64)   Hot fresh soft pretzels 

65)   More gas than you remembered in the gas tank 

66)   Coin jars after a year of adding your extra change 

67)   Professional landscaping 

68)   A new desk chair that is comfy and stylish 

69)   Clean sidewalks and streets, no litter 

70)   Green full trees that sway like willow trees in a breeze 

71)   Nighttime baseball games under the bright lights and dark sky 

72)   Outdoor live concerts 

73)   Picnics in the park 

74)   Hot juicy fried chicken 

75)   Lunch at a popular restaurant and you know the owner who comes to see you 

76)   Visiting your former place of employment and people from all departments come to greet you 

77)   Free bumper stickers that you would have paid for 

78)   Early mornings when everyone is still in bed but you are accomplishing much 

79)   Inspirational speakers that leave you elevated and refreshed 

80)   Good happy stories that make the news 

81)   A friends success 

82)   When good things happen for good people 

83)   Hydrangeas that are vibrant and bountiful like colored snowballs 

84)   Early morning walks on the beach when very few people are around 

85)   Air conditioned shopping on really hot days 

86)   Crisp clean new sheets 

87)   Perfectly white fluffy towels 

88)   Your own signature sangria that people rave about 

89)   A big pot of homemade soup 

90)   Stocking up your supply closet and stepping back to appreciate the abundance 

91)   Brand new appliances 

92)   Drawing out renovation plans and making something old like new again 

93)   Feedback that states your home shows “excellent” and is “adorable” 

94)   That moment when my husband comes home from work and you both missed each other 

95)    Watching how much the dogs love our son and how great he is with them 

96)   New makeup and using it for the first time 

97)   E-mails from friends with great news to share 

98)   Feeling at peace and really happy with yourself 

99)   Going to a wedding 

100) A day at the beach … a week at the beach ... a month at the beach!