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Kindness Counts

Kindness Counts

By Bernadette A. Moyer

Last week I received a lovely card and inside the card was a gift card to one of my favorite coffee houses. It was completely unexpected. So who sent it and why?

It was a young 29 year old professional who shares in the same love for development that I have enjoyed. All I did was to take his phone call and give him my thoughts and some advice. We never met in person, he works with a very dear friend of mine and she recommended me to him. It was a lovely chat and very rewarding in itself.  The card and gift card was the cherry on top. This guy is going somewhere; he is polite, energetic and knows how to cultivate relationships. His act of kindness wasn’t lost on me and was so nice and truly appreciated. You could say he made my day with that lovely card and gift card.

During this same week we had lunch and a drink at one of our favorite pizza places up at the beach. While eating our pizza a group of bikers came in and there were seven of them. I know this because there weren’t enough seats together for them to sit together. I overheard them talking about going to the bar upstairs when I said, “We can move down, how many seats do you need?”

My husband and I moved way down so they could all sit together. Our kindness costs us nothing yet they all expressed their gratitude. When it was time to pay our check we noticed our drinks weren’t on the check. When we questioned the bartender she said, “It is on me, thanks for giving up your seats so I could have more customers to serve.” Another win-win! We never expected a free drink we just did what anyone would and should have done.

Every single day we are faced with opportunities to act out in kind ways. Neither of the two stories shared above were motivated by wanting to get something. They were just kind acts that cost nothing but make you feel good about being considerate to others.

We often and so easily get caught up in situations where people may not be kind or giving. However, we can be that “change charger” who thinks about others and who offers up acts of kind behaviors throughout the day.

I have often thought that “giving is for the giver” it makes us feel good to be kind and considerate. Yet how nice it is to be recognized and appreciated for acting in ways that are kind to others. Practice kind acts and notice how just like a boomerang, how much kindness comes right back to you!