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It is A Great Day to Be Alive

It is A Great Day to Be Alive

By Bernadette A. Moyer

Considering the alternative, it certainly is a great day to be alive! Life is for the living, live it! What are we waiting for? There is no greater time than right here and right now.

I always make sure that we have events on our schedule, things to look forward to doing. It can be a concert, a show, a weekend out of town, a friends gathering, a special event fundraiser, a sports outing and just about anything that gets us excited.

Last December I purchased concert tickets that we will use tonight. It is for our favorite Country Music Artist Gary Allan. By now we have probably been to more than a dozen of his live shows. This year he has a number one record and song. My husband and I both love his music and his story.

“Every storm runs out of rain, every dark night runs into day.” From Set You Free by Gary Allan. Years ago his wife committed suicide leaving him a widower. For a period of time his music reflected his pain associated with this loss. He could have made suicide prevention his mission but he didn’t. His wife’s suicide didn’t define him. It wasn’t about him. Today he is experiencing much success and certainly translates to; it is a great day to be alive.

A year ago our son returned back home to live with us. Things that he thought would be good for him, didn’t quite work out the way that he had hoped and planned. When he returned he was depressed and so sad. I have a clear mental picture of what he looked like, it was hard to witness.  Now one year later he is attending college and working a part-time job. Yesterday we had breakfast together when he expressed to me how happy he is right now. As his mother, I can see it. His life is going in a positive direction and he is doing really well. He told me. “It is a great day to be alive!”

I am fortunate enough to have experienced a really full life. I have had several career jobs that I loved and where I did really great work. I have raised three children and know what it is to be a full time mother.  Two of my children were adopted as infants. I am blessed to be in a loving and supportive long term marriage. Looking back I have already led a great life in so many ways. And yet there is even more to come. It is a great day to be alive!

Late last year I started mentoring a few young adults who are estranged from their parents; this led to supporting them and also many parents who are experiencing estrangement from their own adult children. Some of the kids feel justified and some are in counseling trying to mend their relationships. Some of the parents have been devastated and really questioned their life and their ability to move on, more than a few have shared their inability to find joy and purpose in their lives without their children and grandchildren. Eventually most everyone comes around to, it is a great day to be alive.

Many of my friends are in mentoring roles and support many causes. Suicide is a cause that one friend supports with a passion. He is actively involved with young people and has witnessed teen suicide. When I hear about suicide I immediately think that person must have been in incredible pain that they felt like death was the only answer or would be better than living.

I end up thinking that no matter how bad something is, whatever you are facing and regardless of the pain that you may be experiencing, it won’t last forever. It might be horribly painful for a period in time, but the reality is that it won’t stay that way. That is the beauty in life. Everything changes, life changes, but no matter what we may be feeling at any particular moment, and just thinking of the alternative, we must know that life is for the living, live it! And it truly is a great day to be alive…

My best advice and what works for me is to plan ahead and always, always have people and things on your calendar that you are excited about and looking forward to doing.

For me, Easter week is finally here and we are travelling to meet up with our friends. Our dogs have their grooming and play date planned. We will attend our favorite beach church for Easter Mass and walk the beach and ride our bikes on the boardwalk. Six weeks of a no carb diet will end with a well-chosen piece of Easter chocolate. I’ve lost 14 pounds and am feeling great.  I am looking forward to reading and writing and watching the final episode of The Bible.

Happy Easter 2013! And always remember, it is a GREAT day to be alive!