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I Date My Husband and I Date Him Often

I Date My Husband and I Date Him Often

By Bernadette A. Moyer

After twenty years together my husband and I still date each other and we do it often. Late yesterday I arrived home from a girl’s weekend at the beach. When we finally got together after being apart for a long weekend we decided to head out to our state fair. We go just about every year when we are in town.

Being with my husband always brings me back to my high school years. Getting into his car and listening to his music is the same music I listened to in the late 1970’s. It is classic rock and roll and each song reminds me of when I was just a teenager.

We love the fair and not for the typical things that so many young people go to the fair to do, we never go on the rides, for us it is about eating junk food that we would never normally consume and visiting the farm animals. We enjoy seeing who won the first place in pumpkin and watermelon growing among other plants. We like to visit the local politicians and see who is campaigning for the next election. We always visit the Catholic nuns too and support their rosary making and prayer cards.

Together we hold hands and we eat food and we catch up on all the things we missed while we were apart. We date and we date often. It could be a sports event, theater tickets, a concert, dinner or drinks out or catching up with family and friends. Like most people who date we prepare ourselves and try and look our best. He drives and opens the doors for me. We appreciate one another and we show it by how we treat each other.  

We had the best time last night just walking around and taking in the sights and the sounds at our state fair. I am reminded of what a great date my husband is and always has been. For this couple, the secret to a long and happy marriage is to date and to date each other and to do it often …

Beach date next week and NASCAR date at the end of September. My birthday date is scheduled in Lancaster, PA in October and we have our Thanksgiving holiday planned along with A Christmas Show and train tickets to New York in December. We both contribute to our “dating” schedule and we find all kinds of activities to do together. Our activities are ones where we can enjoy each other’s company and continue to date.

Dating is definitely one of our secrets to a long happy and successful marriage … so here is to dating our spouses, our partners and to dating them often!