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I Am A Bit Of A Book Snob!

I Am A Bit Of A Book Snob!

By Bernadette A. Moyer

Okay there I admit it; I am a bit of a book snob! When I make this declaration, I mean I like my books fresh, clean, crisp and new.

When my children were young we were all avid library goers, each summer they were enrolled in the summer reading program and all through the school year we frequented our local public library. We not only borrowed many books but often movies too. It was fun to watch the kids develop their love of reading and choose what books they wanted to borrow. Reading was always a big deal and a fun outing in our family.

Through the years though, I have to admit to becoming a real book snob. If the book doesn’t look fresh and clean, I don’t care how highly recommended, chances are I will just pass it by. I have a hard time getting past the bent corners, torn pages or residue of assorted stains so often left behind by previous readers. I have a personal relationship with my books and yes it is okay for me to write in them, but don’t you dare. When a library patron writes in a book that doesn’t belong to them and is borrowed, I just shutter.

I’m just as nutsy about my magazine subscriptions. I have to be the first to read them and once I have finished, I am more than happy to share. However, anyone that peruses my books or magazines before I read them, well let’s just say there is a certain look that accompanies such an act.

It’s the clean cover, the fresh paper and the crispness of the newness coupled with my anticipation to read those brand new and fresh pages.

Barnes and Noble has become like a library for me, as it is there that I decide what books make the cut and become additions to my own collection of books. Today, I enjoyed a slice of heaven, Barnes and Noble and Starbucks under the same roof. Does it get any better than that? I could make a day of it. There were so many wonderful new books, magazines and assorted coffees. This is my kind of place, a real slice of heaven on earth.

I love books, I love to read and I always have, it is that personal experience with the paper and the ink and translating what the writer is trying to communicate. That moment when you take those words and form your own mental picture of what they were trying to show you with the written word.

I dread the day when books are only available online and we lose that personal tactile experience that can only come from holding that book in one’s own hands. My books are cherished and I collect them, my most valued are signed by the author who wrote them.  

Today’s picks included Rick Warren’s What On Earth Am I Here For? and The Untethered Soul The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael A. Singer. Due to the thought provoking heaviness of these two new additions, I felt the need to add a crisp new copy of House Beautiful Christmas Ideas magazine. It is filled with pretty pictures of the most beautiful and decorated rooms for Christmas, and fabulous food ideas and creations.

I love books and magazines, most all print materials and yes I like them fresh, new, crisp and clean. I have to admit it; I am a bit of a book snob! So here is to enjoying many more years of traditional printed books, and for me, adding them to my own personal collection of signed and unsigned books.