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Blame is So Cheap and Responsibility Expensive
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Blame is So Cheap and Responsibility Expensive

By Bernadette A. Moyer

Let's face it responsibility is going to cost you something. Blame is really cheap. We grew up in a time when it was an admirable quality to being responsible. The responsible one got the promotion and the job. The responsible one bought a house, a car and married and had children. No house, no car, no job pretty much meant no responsibilities but it also means no spouse and no kids too.

I always smirk when people say, "you are so lucky" when referencing our twins or our home our vacations and our lifestyle. When very little has to do with luck at all. It is about being responsible. The overall cost to having things, having dependents is nothing more than taking responsibility for them. It is work. Work that is often so satisfying and truly rewarding.

We choose whether we are responsible for our life and all of our life choices or we may choose the blame game. I used to follow politics and I no longer do. The main reason is that it seems to be one huge blame game and no one stands up and takes responsibility. To me a key quality I look for in leadership is someone willing to take on the responsibility that goes along with the job.

Blame is cheap! To blame others for our life and for our current situation in life is to render any responsibility for our own life and our own situation. It is to give all our power away. He did this or he did that, the government did it or didn't do it, that person harmed me. We have created more victim mentality than any other time in our history of this country. It used to be; "ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country." it was also a time when family took responsibility for one another. Everyone contributed for the greater good.

Now we have the "me-me" generation, the Teflon generation where nothing ever sticks to them. To me it's top down and not bottom up. These young people see our leaders who have a "catch me if you can" mentality and seldom if ever take responsibility for what they do or didn't do or should have done.

There is no doubt that responsibility will cost you. It takes effort it takes fortitude, it takes work and the desire to do rather than the choice to blame. Let's be honest what value is there in blame? From where I sit no value and really really cheap.

Responsibility can be expensive but so often well worth the expense!