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Be My Valentine Spread Some Love

Be My Valentine Spread Some Love

By Bernadette A. Moyer

“Where there is love there is life.” Mahatma Gandhi

In our house we celebrate Valentine’s Day, it is a day for love and about love. We gift tiny presents. It could be balloons, flowers, candy hearts, hearts, special dinners, special desserts, cards and just about anything that comes in the color of red and takes the shape of a heart. Red hearts are hot, red hearts are love.

There has never been one year in our 21 year history where we haven’t celebrated Valentine’s Day and spread the love. Our kids and our friends often receive little gifts too. I probably make out the most since my husband is very tuned into celebrating love and celebrating each and every Valentine’s Day that we have been together.

Most often I receive the traditional flowers and chocolates, usually a funny card and a serious one too; often we celebrate dinner at our favorite restaurant. For me though, the real gift, the biggest gift is the effort my husband makes. He goes off on his own, reads and reads those cards until he finds the one that best represents what he feels. And honestly it is the one time during the entire year that he makes that dinner reservation all by himself. I love the effort, the thought and it is all in the details. He is deliberate and he is thoughtful and he is on a mission to show me how much I mean to him.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers or for couples, it is for everyone. It is a day to spread the love.

It can be a time when singles feel more alone and there is a way around that, like in the movie Valentine’s Day where the singles party together. Spend time with family and with friends have a Cherry coke or a Berry martini. Eat one good piece of chocolate. Get your hair cut or nails done. Pamper yourself, love yourself. Buy red and pink flowers for yourself or for another.

Be the loving person to someone else that you would want to be on the receiving end of.

Give the dogs a special treat, leave tiny gifts like candy hearts or those cheesy elementary school Valentine’s for the next guy who takes that seat on the bus or the train. Write it to “You Who I Don’t Know” and sign it “A Believer in Love.” Leave a single flower; it doesn’t have to be a rose for a co-worker who doesn’t have anyone special in their life.  Make cupcakes decorated for Valentine’s Day; bring them to the office and share them with everyone.

Just think how great it would be if we all took this day to make it a day to show more love all the way around. We can share little kindnesses like taking that extra minute to talk to the mailman and letting him know you appreciate the work that he does or that gal at the coffee counter by appreciating her smile.

Last year I received my Certificate of Ordination so that I could legally marry couples, I want to be part of their beginning when everything is good and new and full of love and promise. A small part of their love story. Celebrating love within ourselves and with others is probably the greatest gift of all.

If you don’t have a significant other, have many others that are friends that you can share some love with on this Valentine’s Day. Be a part of the positive, loving energy force and bring love with you wherever you go and toward whomever you meet along the way. Dedicate this Valentine’s Day 2013 to love and lots of little loving acts of kindness. Make the effort, do it for yourself, be the giver, the lover and watch what comes back to you. Love naturally meets up with more love.

“A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.” Thomas Carlyle

Valentine’s doesn’t have to be just for couples, take grandma or grandpa to lunch and celebrate, buy the office assistant a candy bar, bring love and joy where you go and watch it grow. We spend enough time dwelling on loss, anger and hurt, what if we spent more time fostering love and kindness.

My wish for this Valentine’s Day is that we will all celebrate our hearts, our love, and our life and do so with many little acts of love and kindness. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to be big, and all it has to do is come from the heart.

Where there is love, all things are possible … Be my Valentine and spread some love … Happy Valentine’s Day!