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The Man Who is Always Late by Arnold Jansen op de Haar

Last week the Daily Mail reported that Scotsman Jim Dunbar suffers from ‘chronic lateness’. Jim Dunbar had tried everything – even wearing a watch, for example! This can be a disadvantage in life, except when you’re late for your own funeral.

In the old days things were far less complicated. Your neighbour wasn’t autistic, just the ‘quiet type’, and a nervous person was simply neurotic. Nowadays everything has a medical label.

The number of syndromes is endless. Take the people who think that Michelle Obama is the most beautiful woman on earth. Simply lock them up for a day with Naomi Campbell or Halle Berry, is my suggestion.

Actually, I suffer from chronic supermarket visiting. This in turn is caused by the ‘never buy anything in advance’ syndrome. But behaviour isn’t a disease.