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Did Tony drink too much?

Tony Blair mentioned in his autobiography that when he was Prime Minister he drank a stiff whisky or a gin & tonic before dinner. Followed by a few glasses of wine at dinner, or maybe half a bottle, Tony admitted. ‘So not excessively excessive’, he concluded. I think it must have been just that little bit more. It makes Tony human.

Specifying the amount you drink in your autobiography does resemble answering your doctor when he asks you about your daily intake; you are economical with the truth. Well, that’s what I do. To my doctor I say, just like Tony, ‘a few glasses of wine,’ and I am not even married to Cherie. ‘But never before five o’clock in the afternoon, doctor.’

[...] People who operate under pressure need something to relax. Bill Clinton engages an intern and Tony hugs a bottle, whereas George Michael smokes a joint while driving his car into a London shop front.

Don’t miss the full story, read it now on the Holland Park Press website.

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I'm Weakening

I was determined not to get Tony Blair's autobiography. After reading your post, I'm increasingly leaning toward purchasing Blair's piece, despite my dislike for the man's politics when he was in office. Darnit!

And I enjoyed your post on the Holland Park Press.