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A Roman Catholic Queen by Arnold Jansen op de Haar

Last week even dyed-in-the-wool republicans joined the chorus of approval for Queen Beatrix and pledged their trust to Willem-Alexander (the Dutch Crown Prince). ‘And to Máxima (his wife),’ they added quickly.

In the past few days Her Majesty couldn’t put a foot wrong. It was just a ‘coincidence’ that she announced her abdication on the birthday of Jorge Zorreguieta, the controversial father of Máxima. At the same time people maintained that Her Majesty is meticulous in her preparation. Well, it’s one or the other.

After the Queen had addressed the nation the people didn’t go to the palace gates in droves to thank her. There were no flowers attached to railings, no cheering or flag waving, just a few journalists in the drizzle. ‘I expect it will get a bit busier later on,’ said a shivering news reporter.

Find out why the new Dutch queen is a Roman Catholic & the Dutch royal family is no longer Calvinistic but flamboyant.