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A Cycling Jeweller by Arnold Jansen op de Haar

At the first jeweller’s the lady at the desk dropped her jaw. ‘No, this is not something we do!’ At the second jeweller’s they virtually ignored me. The third jeweller was prepared to cut the rings from my mother’s fingers.

And this jeweller was Mrs Walters, from Walters Jewellers in Koningstraat, Arnhem. I believe since 1962.

Mrs Walters expertly removed the rings, but the wedding ring had been on my mother’s finger for over sixty years, so this took a while. I watched my mother; it’s quite something for your wedding ring to be removed. She didn’t cry. ‘It just had to be done,’ she said and firmly thanked Mrs Walters.

Occasionally, I think my mother is actually a member of the Special Forces. Find out why.