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When I began writing my novel DUBROVNIK a simply plot developed off the cuff. I didn’t outline the story or characters when I started writing, but having worked and lived in Dubrovnik, Croatia I understood many of the complications involved. Gathering geographical and cultural information about the area was easy. The difficult part was romancing the locals in detailing historical and present Croatian ethics.

My story was to be realistic fiction, simple and presentable, a picturesque novel of small proportions that only included petite clips of the topography and personalities where a couple of plot twists would harness the interest of readers. Keeping the dialog concise wasn’t a problem, knowing the fast-paced story would maintain focus. I encouraged myself using Hemingway journalistic writing techniques of word economy and understatements, as well as limiting literary heavy equipment. But I became lost in the front lines of the Croatian war against the Serbians; neighbors against neighbors, relatives fighting relatives, and friends undermining friends.

The result became a novel of enormous emotional complexity where love-hate factors came into play. Croatia is a magnificent country with cultural heritage that spans over two thousand years. How was I going to include such depth and intricate behavior of hundreds of generations of multi-racial ethnic groups? I wasn’t!

After I was educated in a few of the Croatian moral principles, their urban values and the younger generation ideology, I moved forward with a simple approach to writing DUBROVNIK. The issues of friends, neighbors, hate, love, peace and war were reoccurring subjects among the Croats, as well as foreign interference. Two historical families came to mind as the main strength of the story; the feud that tore the families apart, the loves that drove them crazy, the hatred they experienced together and the offering of outside help for resolution. I threw all that potency into a blender with the wrath of civil war, killing the enemy at any cost while protecting Croatian heritage into realistic fiction. What unfolded was an exemplary page turner titled DUBROVNIK. And, it turned out not to be an off the cuff affair as you might imagine.

Becoming a Hemingway or any other literary icon wasn’t forthcoming with this story. However, becoming a widely read author showcasing my writing skills of real-life energy would be great.

DUBROVNIK is available in hardcopy or ebook or Kindle at either one of these two secure sites below.