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Short Story
This morning I look over my shoulder and see September 30, 1955. This is what happened: Chapter 1 Sweat slowly escapes from my pores. I move away from underneath the smooth shade of three stumpy adjacent palm trees, and step right in to piercing sunlight on the sidewalk. Eighteen years of searching for my identity had me wandering the streets of Los Angeles on...
Just communicated with Barry Eisler an ex-CIA agent. Seems like a pleasant assassin type guy. He held a covert position with the CIA Directorate of Operations in the early 90s. He now inks his freelance assassin works in eBooks.
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I logged on to Ereader News Today and BookBarista, revealing that I had written a novel that makes explicit cultural statements, as well as many other attributes that should not be overlooked or forgotten. They were kind enough to feature my novel DUBROVNIK as an ebook on their front web pages, which directs the reader to my smashbook page where DUBROVNIK is...
Short Story
Reggie Rocketship and His Boom Boom Pow Galaxy of Secrets
I've had this high-concept young adult (YA) story in the works since September 15, 2009. After I started outlining the idea that Dr. Seuss had written a few stories as precursors to three of his most famous stories; The Cat In The Hat  was originally The Dog in the Fog, Green Eggs and Ham was Blue Eggs and Ham, and Fox in Socks was Ant in Pants, I'd decided to...
VITRUVIAN MAN: If you liked Ben's novel DUBROVNIK, you'll love VITRUVIAN MAN. This is the sequel to DUBROVNIK. Mercenary Alexander Crown, turned philanthropist, steals a valuable necklace from a security guard during the Cannes Film Festival and gets away with it. The French Secret Service wants him dead. His rival Iktar Stanktar hunts him down. Isabella Berghini...
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amazon.com for a limited time, has agreed to sell my new novel IT'S ALL MAKE BELIEVE ISN'T IT? *Marilyn Monroe Returns*. Get it now. It has not been marketed or advertised for sale yet. Be the first to possess the return of Marilyn. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002AD25XA/ref=cm_cr_mts_prod_img IT'S ALL MAKE BELIEVE, ISN'T IT? *Marilyn Monroe Returns* Tough,...
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Sedona Red Rock Newspaper
Red Rock Newspaper decided to do a write up on my new novel KISSING FREUD.
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Pants-On-Fire Publications
NOT HEMINGWAY             (or other fine literary icons) When I began writing my novel DUBROVNIK a simply plot developed off the cuff. I didn’t outline the story or characters when I started writing, but having worked and lived in Dubrovnik, Croatia I understood many of the complications involved. Gathering geographical and cultural information about the area was...
Short Story
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Pants-On-Fire Publications
Was Staba Unit 1 on Channel 2 Oakland? Yes. He was on Captain Cosmic and Creature Features. Was Staba theatrical? Yes. He appeared in his own space/science performance at the Curran Theater and, SF Main Library. Where did Staba reside? Staba was the in-house Mechadroid at STARBASE CENTRAL, an elecrtonic toy retail store in Mt. View, CA, from 1979-1984. Where is...
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Pants-On-Fire Publications
Past generations had Cuckoo's Nest. Future generations have KISSING FREUD. Available here. And here on this secure site.