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Reggie Rocketship
FYI, amazon.com put my novel Reggie Rocketship and His Boom Boom Pow Galaxy of Secrets as a semi-finalist in their Breakthrough Novel Award contest. Next up? Narrow the entrants down to 250. The winner receives a publishing contract with Penguin and a $15,000 advance. Wish Reggie luck. You can...
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JD without shirt
"This is my gift to you," my dad said to my older brother. "For your twenty first birthday I give you my Doggie Diner on El Camino Real in South San Francisco." My dad, Albert Campbell, and oldest brother, Ronald Campbell, stood in our big kitchen of our 80 year old 24 room...
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Missy Smiling
My dog Missy wasn’t my dog. I was her boy. She took license with knowing and understanding my personality. She knew when I was playful or serious, hungry or sleepy, she knew when I was in danger and even knew when I was sick and then she would comfort me.As a boy who had a dog as his master I came...
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15,000 Total Views
An incredible fifteen thousand (15,000) total views on this redroom.com site. That is terrifically fascinating. I've had my share of fights, drank my share of alcohol, raised my share of complaints, accepted my share of defeats, traveled my share worldwide, written my share of novels, and now, I...
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There was a time when life wasn’t worth living; when I was in Serbia and sniper bullets sizzled past my ears, when Turk soldiers pointed their riffles at me and unsnapped their trigger safety’s, when an untrustworthy acquaintance reported I’d trafficked drugs and Croatian police confiscated my...
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DUBROVNIK excerpt pages 150 - 152. Enjoy. Celestine stood next to me behind the others. An HK MP5K reduced size submachine pistol seemed appropriate, it settled in her grasp like another appendage. I wondered if she knew her weapon could take off heads at 900 rounds per minute. A small bulge under...
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Writing Environment
Posted a photo of my inside writing environment. This French Château in Monterey is 82 years old. One of the best built homes in the community, and completed when John Steinbeck lived down the road in Pacific Grove. I will finish writing my new high-concept manuscript here, REGGIE ROCKETSHIP AND...
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A n excerpt from DUBROVNIK. A novel detailed with conflict, romance, castles and dreams. Chapter 15, pages 160-161. The sequel to DUBROVNIK is VITRUVIAN MAN, a powerful look at a mercenary turned philanthropist.   Chapter 15...
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Marilyn Monroe Returns
She was beautiful, Innocent and hot, as in the cliché Hot Tomato. Clink on this link and be taken to new photos discovered of Marilyn Monroe taken during her innocent early life before celebrity. And then, take a peek at my novel in Kindle edition,  IT'S ALL MAKE BELIEVE, ISN'T IT? *Marilyn Monroe...
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*Marilyn Monroe Returns*
An excerpt from It's All Make Believe, Isn't it? *Marilyn Monroe Returns* Chapter 42  MARILYN PEEKED BETWEEN THE SEAT headrests of the X5 and looked at Tommy with her brown eyes wide open, her face placid. Her eyes didn’t look blue to Tommy they looked almost black, and her skin was colorless...
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Monterey Château
Here I am in Monterey, CA. Well, not yet. As of October 18th, I move into my new/old Château in Monterey, CA. The house is 82 years and needs some renovation and upgrading. I'll get to most of that down the road because now, I have to finish editing my novel REGGIE ROCKETSHIP and HIS BOOM BOOM POW...
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I sensed a Big Bang coming when Nate lifted his head. I was inside his gray matter, thinking with his brain. This was going to be thrilling like when a child picks up his first gun, or when the underdog beats up the school bully. I know what emotional responses drugs trigger, including self-...
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An excerpt deleted from my novel DUBROVNIK:  The icy-cold water kept my eyes open. The steep river bank drifted fifty-feet to my right. Ibiza, the seventy-foot yawl ten-feet above me, was unreachable safety. When your mind goes blank, your eyes sheen over, and your body becomes unresponsive while...
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In her strong, throaty Russian accent, Celestine said, “Pull your pants down around your ankles, and don’t try anything stupid.” I wasn’t wearing a shirt or shoes and didn’t want to drop my pants. I stood by the bed the Broz family let me use in their house for the night. “Or what,” I asked, “you...
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At dawn, I maneuvered my Porsche through thick hail, on a curvy mountain road—I collided head-on with a Cadillac on my side of the blacktop--my demise was imminent. Two weeks afterward I awakened in a psycho-ward in San Mateo County General where three Nazi therapists controlled the quarter. They...
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