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Sigmund Freud
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     When I was sequestered in an insane asylum, you know, an inner-city where they slam mentally challenged individuals who can't squeeze into society's tube of ethics, I decided to scream uncontrollably about the exploits that happened between the padded walls, where droids  and professionals were under the influence of pharmaecuticals and sexual dysfunction was a choice; thus my novel KISSING FREUD.

     Instead of drowning in the details of Sigmund Freud's theories as explained to me by three equally challenged psychotherpists, I penned a story to paper taking liberties, adjusting miscreant behaviors, exploring sociopathic fledglings and analyzing deviant savages. To me, the miscreants were all sausages packed together like sardines in a can, trying to act civilized, and yet, feeling the power of socialized insanity, we all lived in a vacuum full of lust, discovery, foolheartedness and panic. Life in the psycho ward was emotional terror, like pigs trying to escape decapitation.

     You are forewarned, sexuality and profanity are explicitly portrayed. Dig in.

      KISSING FREUD. READ IT. www.lulu.com/bencampbell.