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Shameful Interview about writing
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My shameful interview about writing, click here.

 Here is a sample:

What did you first read? How did you begin to write? Who were the first to read what you wrote? The first book I ever finished reading was "To A God Unknown", a kick-ass, paranoid menu by John Steinbeck. I began writing when my high school English teacher, Mrs. Hunt, gave me one choice of three; she could have the class bully shame me, she could flunk me or, I could write a story for her.

My choice was naturally the story. I titled it "Children With Weapons". The theme was that children use their minds as weapons instead of hand guns. Mrs. Hunt was my first reader and she cried over the story. My grade went from a D- to an A+ for the year.

I have three books available for purchase. "KISSING FREUD," "DUBROVNIK" and "IT'S ALL MAKE BELIEVE, ISN'T IT? *Marilyn Monroe Returns*."

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