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Rejection Letters

For those of you who asked to see what form rejection letters look like here are a few. Before you submit your query letter to lit agents make certain that it pops with intrigue, but again, popping does not always interest a lit agent. Here we go.

Dear Mr. Campbell,
Many thanks for your email regarding your novel IT'S ALL MAKE BELIEVE, ISN'T IT, which I am declining with my regrets.
Given the demands of running a boutique agency and continuing to best represent my current clients, I must make difficult decisions every day regarding what new projects I can sign.  I appreciate your thinking of me, and wish you the best of luck in your search for representation.


Dear Mr Campbell,
Thank you for submitting your query for my review. Unfortunately I am going to have to decline the opportunity to pursue representation. I gave it careful consideration but it just wasn’t right for me. 
We are only one agency, and these decisions are subjective. I encourage you to continue seeking representation and publication, and I wish you the best in getting your project published.
Many blessings,

Dear Mr. Campbell,

Thank you for your query.
I regret the volume of queries has made a form reply necessary.

I have to pass on many interesting projects due to time constraints (much like
you have to choose only one or two books at a bookstore, even though there
are a lot of good ones.)

I urge you to query widely of course!

All good wishes,


Dear Mr. Campbell,
Thank you for the query, but I'm afraid this isn't right for my list.
I wish you the best of luck.

Every letter was concise, just the way I like them. Of course lit agents like to send concise rejection letters. They are so busy multitasking their time is limited. Just for the record I love receiving rejection letters. They inspire me to move forward.