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In order to create movement, spacing and leverage in your story, article, manuscript, novel and etc, to be sharp, edgy, spellbinding, intelligent, tantalizing and tempestuous, you must edit and purge dead words and passive connections. Search for dead adverbs and adjectives, the ones that end with ly and delete most of them. You'll see how unnecessary they were. Do not start sentences with It, a pronoun. Search, destroy and restructure the sentence. Your stories will still be emotional, have impact, create temptation and inspire the reader to turn pages and fall into your words.

Search for, delete then restructure sentences that have within them:

There was - there were - they were - was being - were being - had become -  has been - ly.

Remember not to start your sentences with It. Rewrite that sentence.

If you don't perform this editing process, lit agents and publishers will not tell you how amateurish your writing it, they will simply reject your query letters.

This process of editing will take time to master, but the improvements in your story and future writing projects will be worthy of your new skills.