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Blood Lovers, Part 2 ~Sandy~
Blood Lovers

Sandy straddled Jimmy's naked body in his dimly lit bedroom. The mattress was soft. Gray sheets had a fragrance of body sweat. He was exhausted and needed a nose full of white. She needed something more than Jimmy's Johnson. They had convoluted sex twice within one hour, and Sandy remained unrocked. Her body tinged tight, her mind horny wet, yet she was determined to spike another sexual experience via emotionex stealth; wanting a real relationship as well as a sexual bottomburp.

She opened her Swiss Army knife, and while Jimmy was going limp, she cut a one-inch slice across the upper base of his penis. Blood saturated his pubic hairs. He snickered and grabbed her wrist. She then repeated the same process on herself across the upper base of her vagina. Blood spread like a warm, calm river. They gyrated their groins, merging their blood like tributaries into a river. Sandy took him inside her, and lowered her milky,  S shaped torso onto his like a black widow spider insisting on eating her mate's head. "We're now blood lovers," Sandy giggled."