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402 Avalon
The city of San Francisco might want to feature the print version of my mini memoir novel titled 402 Avalon in their main library. That would be cathartic for me since I was raised in San Francisco, and 402 Avalon is rich with my personal San Francisco memories. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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Ben Campbell
After Vietnam, I had decided to become a writer of Zipper Novels (To coin my phrase). What are zipper novels you ask? They are mysterious and heralding stories, funny and striking and bazaar stories that portray  us human beings at our best and worst times; in times of domestic...
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Shirley Temple
I'd met Mrs. Black/aka Shirley Temple back in 1966. For several months my catering company attended to her weekend dinner parties at her home in Woodside, CA when she was home. She was pleasant and attentive with a special taste for beef stew and glacé petit four; a small confectionery...
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Ben Campbell & Suzy Fitzgerald
What a great year 2013 was. I love to explore what I don't know, but today I'll show you what I do know. Here is a photo of me, Ben Campbell and my date Suzy Fitzgerald. We were employees of Circle Star theater in San Carlos, California 1965, the definitive theater where we had met Judy Garland,...
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What I do best, so I’ve been told by at least 23 people in the publishing industry over the last five years, is that I effectively communicate information from my experiences, and best of all I donate it freely. Rebellious and heartfelt, my new novel, © P R E T T Y B O Y: Fabulous Fifties Hollywood...
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Sold in 16 countries, Dubrovnik is now FREE for Red Room Members and Authors for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. If you have yet to experience the exciting adventure novel Dubrovnik, download your FREE copy on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Experience the endearing...
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402 Avalon
In conjunction with the amazon.com promotional program that lasted 5 days, my 402 Avalon eBook was download on Kindles by 642 readers in seven countries; the U.S., the UK, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Croatia and Japan. I consider amazon's Free program greatly successful, because I'd written this...
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MinAleta Campbell
As a follow-up to my simple memoir 402 Avalon, my MinAleta Campbell Family Photo Album will be free for Kindle downloading this Saturday and Sunday September 21-22. The album is a quick 111 page ebook photo story of my family and San Francisco during the 1950s. My mother MinAleta was an eager...
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402 Avalon Avenue, San Francisco, CA
402 Avalon will be featured free as an amazon.com Kinkle edition on Saturday 9/14 - 9/15. Stop by and upload your copy. 402 Avalon has special eBook features. Tap on any one of the blue highlighted hyperlinks under Videos and you'll be taken to either Vimeo or YouTube or IMBD websites to view that...
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My Novels
Smashwords, the premiere eBook platform for the Internet hosted my current interview. https://www.smashwords.com/interview/bencampbellbooks
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Ann Margret
Not that I was somebody. Let me clarify that. I was twenty years old, a young and not so rebellious man who walked out on his unsatisfying mail-clerk job after two years. Options to attend college were nonexistent. After a recent head-on auto accident when I died and came back to life in an...
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Circle Star Theater
The upcoming evening performance at Circle Star Theater was disruptive to write the least. After a year of presenting Broadway plays to San Francisco peninsula populations, during the fall of 1965 money was tight and ticket sales had dropped by seventy percent. The theater in the round had 3,743...
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402 Avalon Avenue, San Francisco
A touching literary discovery, 402 Avalon follows a boy's journey during the 1950s through one of San Francisco's most eerie and mysterious houses that was built during the 1880s. This curious true story about the neglected boy, his uncommon family, the gushing growth of San Francisco and the...
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Dubrovnik, Alexander Crown book 1
When I began writing DUBROVNIK, my historical fiction novel with modern urban twists, a simply plot evolved. I didn’t outline the story or characters when I started writing, but having worked and lived in Dubrovnik, Croatia, I understood many of the complications involved. Gathering geographical...
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Love in Malawi
Free erotic literature for your Kindle for the next 5 days. Tessa Blade introduces Christian Love in Love in Malawi, book 1. I was privileged to write the Foreword for this erotically charged and seductively forbidden first novel in the Christian Love book series. Get ready and enjoy! http://www....
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