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Monterey, CA
Jan 2008

The ground breaking novels DUBROVNIK and "VITRUVIAN MAN," along with the third exciting addition in this discovery trilogy, REGENERATION, are powerful, gripping and stunning. The series is now complete.

Each story is unique and creative and infused with photos or sketches as complimentary visuals.

By choice I live in a French château in Monterey, California, where my pheromones thrive and I write urban mysteries, thrillers and erotic fiction based on my world-wide travels. Tasty morsels of life highlight my novels for fun and laughs.

Working on a yacht in Dubrovnik, Croatia, a U.S. symbolism to Egypt, provided scavenge hunts and sewage rummaging, all of which bestowed fodder for my future novels.

My debut novel, Dubrovnik, is set on the fringes of civil war in Croatia. It depicts the gorgeous landscapes and the love/hate relationships among Marshal Tito's illegitimate children. The writing bug took my attention when the Croatian Times wrote: "Ben Campbell's novel Dubrovnik is an exemplary page turner encircling issues of hate and love and peace between family and neighbors. The story captures urban Croatian values and the complexities of the younger generation."

Please enjoy reading all my novels. Give them to friends and relatives as everyday gifts. Thank you for visiting my amazon.com site and pass on this information.

All seven novels are available through Kindle download, and all six are optioned by amazon.com as paperback editions.

Search for them in the Kindle store and amazon.com books.
Google Ben Campbell Books.

My novels are described below:

DUBROVNIK is a provoking spy legend.

"VITRUVIAN MAN", the Dubrovnik sequel, is a philanthropist's dream.

REGENERATION is the sequel to "Vitruvian Man", a mystery DNA discovery that enables human physical restoration. This digital life-code novel is for sale now.

KISSING FREUD is a scandalous, ruthless, brazen and sexually explicit psycho drama/comedy.

IT'S ALL MAKE BELIEVE, ISN'T IT? *Marilyn Monroe Returns* is a tough, spicy, poignant and touching urban fantasy.

REGGIE ROCKETSHIP AND HIS BOOM BOOM POW GALAXY OF SECRETS catapults Reggie into inner-space by discovering a Dr. Seuss story taped underneath a dresser drawer in his attic.

WHEN GIANTS DANCE stages a ballerina with a bodybuilder in a murder mystery.

402 AVALON, an eleven year old boy's romp in 1956 San Francisco is also forthcoming.

Four short prequels to DUBROVNIK are available on Kindle for $0.99 each. Reading them either before or after you read DUBROVNIK will enhance your enjoyment and understanding of Alexander Crown, the Warrior Philanthropist. The prequel titles are listed below.

GREECE ON THE BOTTOM prequel part 1
ISTANBUL SUNRISE prequel part 2

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Indulgent photographer, writer of reality fiction. Debut novel DUBROVNIK. http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B002BM7U4O