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Forget Sorrow: A Graphic Memoir

Belle Yang's graphic novel-in-progress. To be published by W. W. Norton, fall 2010

Music: "Oldster" by Sa Dingding visit: www.sadingding.co.uk

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Who did it?

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Myself and I. Longtimers.com's Paul and Marie lent me their camera, but I have now have one I can use.

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Beautiful! Really gives a

Beautiful! Really gives a sense of the process AND your artistry. And I love how it seems to be in black and white even when it's in color. What editing program did you use?

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If you have Apple

it comes with iMovie or you can download the version I have for free from Apple (since they came out with Leopard OS).

Hey, you were one of the inspirations with your "Go on, click all over me!"

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Belle Yang's Video

Belle, it was FANTASTIC!!  I am so proud of you.Terri

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I hope you don't mind...

...but I shared this on my Livejournal with a bunch of my friends who are artists. Why did I do this? For one, it's beautifully done. Also, it's really important that artists know how easily technology can help them take control of their own careers.

Hopefully, they will leave you some comments!

Thomas Dotson, Reroom.com.

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Beautiful and Brilliant...

....just like you.  Once again, your creativity has blown me away. 

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belle, you blow my mind! you did this so quickly!! 


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how on earth...

. . . am I supposed to wait until 2010 to hold this book in my hands and read it from start to finish???

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This is just stunning. Beautiful combination of music and imagery. I wish I could do something similar.

Peter Trachtenberg

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Belle, that was excellent.


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I can't wait to buy your book. It looks stunning!

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Your Art—Beauty in Simple Things

Mary Lynn Archibald

Oh Belle, that was so lovely. I was mesmerized. You are a staggering talent, and I feel privileged to have you as a RedRoom friend.

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A new fan in China!

One of the downsides to being a travel photographer is that I spend so much time on the road that I am profoundly out of touch with all things. As such, I feel a bit awkward commenting on a video uploaded in 2008, but I could not hold back my enthusiasm for my "new to me" discovery (it also helps that I am also a Sa Dingding fan). You have a new fan in China, Belle!

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Hi, Tom


Lovely to hear from you in China.  Your book looks gorgeous.  Did you ever see the photos that came out under the title "A Day in the Life of China" in 1989?  I was in China when hordes of photojournalists spread out from Beijing and memorialized China in that moment in time.

Very cool you are a Steinbeck admirer as I am and as is my art dealer who is in Redroom.  His name is Steve Hauk.  I will have a show of my art at the National Steinbeck Center, summer of 2012.

I'll be checking your site frequently to see what new work you are doing.  Congratulations on the publication of your book!