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After hanging out with Jack Prelutsky, our nation's children's poet laureate, three summers ago, I was inspired to work on a suite of animal poems with drawings for kids, just for fun, not publication. My boyfriend and I first met Jack and Carolynn for drinks at the house they were sitting in...
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THE 19TH ANNIVERSARY OF A MASSACRE I had promised myself I’d scan all the photos my friend X had taken during the night of June 3-4, 1989. I am exhausted and have managed to scan two-thirds. X, I believe, is living safely in France today. Nineteen years ago, tonight, I’d returned to Beijing...
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I am a night owl and often stay up until 3 A.M. I have not pulled an all-nighter for some 25 years. Back then, it was to meet deadlines for art school projects. One night, I managed to slice a piece of finger off with an Exacto knife. Last week, I took a break from my graphic novel to begin...
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All day, I've been thinking about the numbers of the Sichuan earthquake. Of the estimated 80,000 casualties,13,500 were children from low income families, dead in the rubble of their collapsed public schools. That's a whopping 16%. The parents are beginning to stage protests, demanding answers...
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I've wanted to write about the schizophrenic existence for a one who is fully bicultural. I am 100% Chinese and 100% American. I live at a point in time, space, and emotion where East and West meet like converging tidal waves. I've attempted to sort out my feelings for a blog, but the issue is...
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http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/ Paradise: 80 degrees outside, tank top, shorts, barefoot, listening to Chopin. "Cannons hidden under roses," was how Schumann described Chopin's music. This is an all-Chopin weekend on BBC Radio 3. The Chopin Experience (now archived until next Saturday),...
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This was a journal entry written on April 13, 2002. I post it in response to Jessica Barksdale Inclán's post. This entry was not to say that Belle Yang does not lie. Of course I do. But I try to minimalize lies for the reasons I write below. Gouache by B.Y. In “The Gift of the Lotus” a book of...
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The man who loves her is an artist. He managed to shoot this picture of Laning, my mother, with a broken, old Leica more than fifty years ago. My mother was born to a Hakka father and a Fujianese mother. Her ancestors had crossed the Strait from Fujian and Canton to eke out a living on the...
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 This is in response to the post of friend and creator, Jessica Barksdale Inclan--"Things That Hurt." I’m currently reviewing a novel for the Washington Post. When I was offered the assignment, I emailed the senior editor, Ron Charles, to say, “As soon as I receive my review copy, I...
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I’d like to get something off my chest, but first I would like to tell you about what I read. I like literature the majority of people consider tedious and boring. I like to gnaw on one volume for a long period of time. I like quiet books without a lot of plot but with each sentence muscular,...
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I swoon when I listen to him. Have I got your attention? Who is he? The irresistable Melvyn Bragg, host of the weekly BBC Radio 4 program, IN OUR TIME. Do your heart and brain a favor and read on. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/history/inourtime/inourtime_archive_home.shtml I’ve had a love...
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Shame on the Chinese Americans who waved the flag of blood during the non-run of the Olympic torch in San Francisco yesterday. That standard represents tens of millions of death in peace time! How can anyone take pride in a Chinese regime that has bulldozed homes of hundreds of thousands in the...
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This was not a job I thought I would relish after Jessica Inclan said in an earlier post that we never, ever leave high school, but I've grown excited about the prospect of reconnecting. I had a feeling it would fall partly on me to help round up classmates for our--gasp!--thirtieth high school...
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3.27.08 Chinatown Uncles.JPG
Switching from my computer to my painting table helps to keep my attitude about writing fresh. I have to relearn how to write once I return to the keyboard. The same for my painting. Once I have been away from the tubes of paint and the cold press paper for a period of time, when I return, I am...
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These Pretty Countryfolk
I spent three years traveling in China and fell in love with the countryside, the country folk. When I journeyed deep into the green of Hunan on a sketching trip, two old brothers invited me into their cottage and gave me just boiled water to drink and a fan with which to cool off. They merely...
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