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Youtube: Forget Sorrow

Youtube video of Belle's Forget Sorrow: A China Elegy

My first video project on the graphic novel, "Forget Sorrow: A China Elegy" is done. It's been fun and a great learning experience. iMovie is an easy to learn program. Much more to learn, but I couldn't wait to put it up. I used a professional camera on loan from my friends, Paul and Marie Boczkowski of www.longtimers.com, but have now purchased a memory card of 8 gigs memory for my Canon Powershot SD 800 IS--an Elph digital camera with a movie function. I think the quality and sound better than the pro camcorder. Plenty for the stuff I'll be doing.

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That was great, Belle. You

That was great, Belle.

You held my interest (which is no mean feat). I liked the truncated or fast-forward depictions of the action of drawing. It was clear how the resulting images materialized.

Is that an ordinary hair drier, or a special tool.

The sound track is arresting and evocative. The piece was a pleasure to watch and listen to.


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Hi, Dale

Just an 8 dollar dryer from Longs Drugs. Thank you for your response. Yours is my first, apart from Steve Hauk my art dealer.

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Dear Southern Belle:

Really loved watching every moment of this -- the same pleasures as Dale described. Thanks so much for sharing this with us, and for showing that this new book-promotion trend can include "advertising" as beautiful as your film. Love the  title.

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Judith, thank you as always

The crux of this is that it's fun, so making it was a joy. If it were a boring thing to do, you couldn't pay me to make it. If you have a cheap camcorder--they are under $500, and even under $200 and you use iMovie, it's a matter of dragging art into appointed slots. Just about anyone can do it.

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fun and tofu

The film looked like it was fun to make -- was, in addition to being its own beautiful self, an encouragement to try making one myself at some point. Oh, yes. The tofu container was clear, at least to Tofu's-The-Staple-of-My-Diet moi.

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That not only looks amazing in terms of your process, but the process of making this seems amazing.

I feel I need a tutorial, not to mention all the crap-o-la to make a movie.

Great work, on all fronts.

Was that a tofu container you use to hold your ink?


Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com

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Next computer for you

is an Apple with all the "crapola" and one camcorder. It's really not hard. And I was waiting for someone to ask about the tofu container ;) It's usually the Asians who notice. Hope all is well with you.

Not that Michael needs more work after work, but I am betting he'd have a lot of fun making a movie for you after you shoot it. Think of it as a game for two.

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things are better for me!  The boy has gone home, I'm off to Florida very soon, and I will be able to finish this YA novel. 

I am a big tofu eater, so I've had many occasion to stare at those containers, reading the recylcing symbols.  And, might I say, what a good was to re-use.

I will ask Michael what he thinks about making a movie.  I actually paid for someone to make me a movie for my upcoming book.  I won't look half as good as what you did.  Really, that was very wonderful.

I hope I haven't gushed too much!


Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com

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Please gush :)

Just ask questions and if I have answers, I'll help in any way I can.

I'm glad all's well. I didn't realize you were writing YA. Or maybe you are reading YA?

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This YA

is a long time in coming.  I wrote a novel--the first half from a 15 year old POV; the second half 25 years later.  No one liked the 25 year later part at all.  I put it away, knowing what I had to do (finish the story in the past and stay there until it was over) but it took me 5 years to get to it.

So I'm about done, and it feels good to have finished something I really believed in, at least half of it.

What I loved about the film was the movement.  The time elapse.  All the "techniques."  That just blows my mind.


Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com

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Belle, Moviemaker

You can now add another description to your tagline: Moviemaker.

The very first thought that came to my mind while watching your video was "very professional."  If you didn't tell me you did it on your own I wouldn't have guessed it -- not in a million years.  I would have thought you had it professionally done because of the high quality.

About the video content, I enjoyed watching you work your magic.  You exude talent.  Skilled artists have always fascinated me.  They create something out of nothing right before your eyes.  If "Always Come Home to Me" and "Hannah is My Name" are any indication, my family will treasure "Forget Sorrow" as well.

The last thought that came to my mind while watching the video was "I can't wait until 2010!"  Are you kidding me?  It's like watching a trailer of an awesome movie and then it ends with "In theaters Spring 2010."  Stop teasing us like that, Belle.