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Walking on Water

            I've known parent-child relationship.  I've sated on the love of a man for a woman.  I've experienced the regard of a mentor for a student.  Rarest of all is the physician-patient communion.  With a true healer, the unity goes beyond the mere verbal, even beyond touch.  It is nearest to the parent-child bond and can encompass all the others.  Added to this complex affiliation are elements of the sacred.

            Dr. Radner knew nothing about me, had never seen my face.  He did understand I was that I was desperately sick, and he gave to me unstintingly.  A parent loves his child, because the child is of his or her flesh.  A mentor accepts a student under certain conditions.  A man loves a woman under an even longer list of requirements.  The true healer accepts the sick unconditionally.  My good doctor is an immunologist and epidemiologist who ministers to the poor, to immigrants.  He even treats those afflicted with leprosy.  Is that not Godly?


            "You are killing me," Dr. Radner said when I was was losing weight fast, couldn't stand up and couldn't pull on socks.  Fever and chills kept me in their relentless grip.  "I can't sleep at night, worrying about you,"he said during one of his frequent house calls.  Yes, dozens of voluntary house calls in which he did not get paid a penny.

             On a recent visit to his office, I noticed that there are a few more gray hairs above his temples.  Each one of those silver strands represents a life saved.  I believe he gives literally of his flesh in the effort to breathe life into his patients.

             Because of this beloved doctor, I am thriving.  Because of him, I have celebrated a decade of thanks-giving.  As far as I am concerned, he walks on water.


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Lovely thoughts, Belle

Good on ya, Doc Radner! The life you saved is a joy to many people.

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Thanks, John

For this and many reasons, I feel well-loved.  Just a real sense of being cared for by some good force in the universe.

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Hi, John and all

When you reach the half century mark, it's hard not to think on all the people who have towed you this far.  A lot of times it's strangers who have appeared in a shower of light.

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thank goodness he was able to help you, belle!

*Willing* and able, I should say. You're very lucky in having such a healer as Dr. Radner in your life. Most of us -- at least in my circles -- never connect to someone in the medical profession who would *allow* himself/herself to care so deeply about a patient.

I'm so glad you're on the other side of your illness! Thank you for the chance to see the gorgeous painting that so clearly conveys the emotional center of your post.


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I have always been lucky in my bad luck, Evie

I've had the privilege of meeting people willed me to live.  I used to think physicians were all equally good.  Some are superhuman.

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Your entry gave me chills!

Dr. Radner sounds like a nice Jewish boy, too! His mother would be so proud! We're all proud of him for saving our artistic angel, our Belle!

Je suis belle o mortels comme un reve de pierre...Baudelaire wrote. I am Belle, you mortals, like a dream of stone-- no! a human dream of thriving and making art!

I wonder if Dr. Radner has a son? My daughter is 24. Just saying--

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He's Gilda Radner's first cousin.  He's a year or more younger than I am, so Obama's age.  48.  He's just adorable.  I am taller than he is, but he seems infinitely wiser.  A visit to his office is time with my rabbi.

Thank you for the Baudelaire!

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OMYGoddess! Gilda's first cousin!

Thank God for him in your life and in the life of many others, I'm sure! xoxo

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And I forgot to answer your question )

He's married to my parents' doctor and hthey have two daughters.  C'est dommage.

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He walks on water, for sure,

He walks on water, for sure, Belle. Not only because of what he did but because of what he left you with - thoughts to remember your own need to be more of yourself and to celebrate.

A Happy Thanksgiving to you and all those who share with us precious moments.


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Hi, Farzana

I tried to write you directly via the RR mail exchange some time ago, but it must not have gotten through.  Nothing urgent.  Just wanted to say hi.  Your East-West knowledge fascinates me.  You swim easilu in any environment.

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Hi, Belle. I just ride the

Hi, Belle. I just ride the waves and knock down a few rocks with wobbly knees!

Sorry your note did not reach me. Do check your mailbox.  


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Hearfelt gratitude to Dr. Radner

and his Godliness, but more so for "you", Belle - For your wide open heart of the spirit of gratitude to see and remember this. I'm sure there are a lot of wondrous doctors (maybe not quite like Dr. Radner,"Walking on Water") but who go unrecognized by most others.

I'm glad he took special care of you so that we got to know his heart and especially yours truly.

Beautiful, magical, wondrous essay and photos.

Thank you!

Catherine Nagle

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Thank you, Catherine

I told Jessica Barksdale that I felt well-loved, not necessarily by men and women, but by a good force in the sky and on Earth.

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Me too, Belle, truly.

It means so much to hear your powerful words of wisdom that lift me more.

Thank you very much for sharing.


Catherine Nagle