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Trusting Angels

Redroom has been so good to do a retrospective of my art and writing this week, but to my horror, I learned that the drawings and paintings have disappeared from my blog posts.  I use Comcast to host my images from which I can then paste the URL in Redroom.com.  Comcast is working to restore my server. 

I was sticky with rills of sweat, trying to explain the situation to the technician over the phone.  When I realized the problem lay with a Philadelphia server, I knew it was time to let go of tension.  Now, I am going to bed.  There are times when you have absolutely no control over an unfortunate incident and can only trust in guardian angels.

(Below, a 6 foot tall water angel I painted last Christmas to benefit an arts organization)

And at other times, you trust in your sense of humor.  I took this picture below when I finally gave up:


5:30 AM--The obsessive that I am, I pulled an all-nighter, moving the images featured in the retrospective to Ritzpix.com, and then copy and pasting the URL into my blog posts.  When Comcasts fixes my server issues, I'll have all the other images back in the rest of the blogs.  Going to wait, with bloodshot eyes, for the birds to sing.

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And flying pigs?

Hello...to be honest I scrolled to the bottom first and could not help but chuckle. This is almost so perfecto Groucho Marx with a Chaplinesque touch.

Oh, you did not "finally give up". It probably is a whacky way of saying, "It ain't you, babe" to your server.

You know what I like about the angel painting? That it is so human and vulnerable.

I shall wait for the retro...


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Hi, Farzana

Thank you for your observation about the angel.  She is really the Guanyin, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy.

I wrote a skit to be performed at my 30th high school reunion, which will take place a week from today.  I shall be wearing a Grouch glass/nose/mustachio thingy.

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I did put the images back

into the retrospective using another server.  When the old server comes back on, there will be some crazy doubling of images.  Ah, well.

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When stuff like this happens

When stuff like this happens to me, I have such a feeling of helplessness and panic.  I know it's all out of my control, and I eventually do get to your Groucho state, but it's a very Zen place, that Groucho stuff, and takes me awhile.  A long while.

I'm glad all your work is back up!


Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com

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I love the pictures!

And get some sleep!

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At least you have hard

At least you have hard copies of all your masterpieces.  I learned this the hard way after 100 pages of my first novel disappeared into Microsoft purgatory.

 I wonder if some day I'll just be accidentally deleted.  I wonder if there's a backup copy of me some place?



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You can't fool me!   I

You can't fool me!   I know it's YOU behind them bushy eyebrows!




(Nice try, anyway!)


Eric the unfoolable.

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technology . . .

. . . always fails us when we need it most -- or so it seems, during each crisis! : ) Glad you found a "work-around," as the IT people call it. Hope you can take advantage of the weekend to catch up on the lost sleep!

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I used to live in New Orleans, and I have friends whose photo albums and original art, not to mention hand-written journals, and hard drives (and back-up discs!) were all destroyed in Katrina. As a result, I am determined to make Red Room a safe place to safe your photos, videos, podcasts, essays, and eventually your manuscripts, works-in-progress, and any other electronic files that matter to you.

We're working on it. That's the goal. You should definitely upload your photos as jpgs on our site rather than urls, and we're working behind the scenes to get the technology to the point where you and I don't worry about our houses burning down or servers going down.

 Just wanted to let you know that's part of the vision--a safe deposit box online for private (coming this year) and public files for our community.

 Ivory Madison
Founder and CEO, redroom.com

P.S. I love this retrospective! It's one of the best things we've done. Once we have a Red Room publishing imprint and options, you should publish a collection!

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Thanks, Ivory

I've not backed up much of anything--not even the writing itself.  I won't worry :)