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" . . . Forget Sorrow isn't just a graphic novel or graphic narrative; it's more like a comic book epic.  Belle makes practically every panel a story onto itself, complete with character, narrative, and setting.  Every page depicts some combination of Yang family history, ancestral lore, and/or national history in abundant visual detail that captures the imagination and transports the reader to a strange, but wonderful new world.  Forget Sorrow must be what reviewers and critics mean when they describe something as "rich storytelling."

That a narrative so intimate can also be so grand in its scope and extensive in its storytelling is impressive.  That it comes from a first time graphic novelist is nothing short of shocking, because Forget Sorrow is one of the year's best graphic novels.  Read it and you will never want it to end." - Leroy Douresseaux, Comic Book Bin


Belle's polite reply to the Mr. Leroy Douresseaux:  ducks know how to swim at birth!

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Belle Yang drawing her comic book in a Youtube vide

Belle Yang Asia Society, NYC, Talk on Video (complete)

Asia Society, NYC (short


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Belle, I've been so buried in my insane workload these last few months, I totally lost sight of the publication of your new book! Congrats, congrats! I've just spent the past 15 minutes reading the first several pages of "Forget Sorrow" by going through the entries in your blog since May, and now I must go place my order for a copy I can read much faster than your weekly installments! : )

I hope your book tour and every other part of your life is going smoothly and happily.


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Hi, Evie

I was supposed to post every few days, but I am managing to do it every week. I've thought of you often. Crashed my computer so lost your email, too. If you wouldn't mind letting me know. I am a hoarder of my email addresses ;)

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belle, the poem i promised you . . .

. . . is up on my blog now. Sorry for the delay -- I was pulled away from my computer for a bit! : )

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yesterday . . .

. . . I was passing one of my favorite indie bookstores (Greenlight Books in the Ft. Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn, for those in the NYC area) and decided to stop in and see if they had your book. They did! (Facing out on the shelf!) I am now the proud owner of a copy of Forget Sorrow -- and have already read pages and pages beyond where your blog leaves off. Part of me wants to gobble it all down immediately, and part of me wants to read only 2 pages a day and stretch it out as long as possible...

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Thank you, Evie.

so happy you have it to nibble or gobble. You can gobble and go back to nibble. Okay, it's not even close to Thanksgiving but I am sounding like a turkey.