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My Name is Belle
Immigration through a child's eyes (mine).
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Moments ago, I received below forwarded message from Terri Debono, the film maker of the PBS documentary, "My Name is Belle."  Contrary to what people think, the filmmakers do not get paid for the broadcasts.  They are asked to pay $30,000 to have the films promoted on PBS stations.  Our budget was small, but we were very lucky to have strong support from Gayle Loeber, director of planning in Columbia, South Carolina.



MY NAME IS BELLE has done pretty well on public television – 2 stations in 13 states or about 17% of the markets.  It’s a little gem of a story that programmers may have forgotten about in the overload of program offers.  We think it should be doing better and want to promote it in Our Dozen Great Half Hour Programs list.  We’re asking for permission to post a five minute clip from the program on our website and youtube to make it more accessible for programmers.  Thanks again.
Gayle Loeber
Director of Programming


Click here to watch a six minute clip of "My Name is Belle."

The film is based on the picture book I wrote and illustrated, "Hannah is My Name."  It is my family's story about the long wait to achieve citizenship.


My current project is a graphic novel, "Forget Sorrow: An Ancestral Tale," to be published by WW Norton and Company in 2010.  Click above link to see Youtube video of a page-in-progress.

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Everything is on Youtube

Everything is on Youtube these days, so I would say YES!



Jessica Barksdale Inclan

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I'm finding I love blogging

about everything except my books and projects. I did so here. I want to talk about mushrooms and my mom's sleepwalking, and yes, my perspective on the economy, single-payer health care, but it's not fun to promote books. I have a new picture book coming out, so Redroom will get a spate of blogs telling about it. Maybe I can make it fun for the reader by how I developed the picture book characters, Foo Frog, Mao-Mao Mudpuppy and Sue-Lin Salamander.

Cyndi Lauper was right, "Girls just wanna have fun."  Fun is painting, writing.

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Belle, even I hate self

Belle, even I hate self promoting, and I am a marketer!  Would rather get a root canal.

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I've no experience with production companies at this level

But what they've written to you about sounds great!

I'm neither a writer nor an expert in promotion either, but I do get the impression that for many writers it is not necessarily something that they would prefer to do.

I do know that from my perspective I would certainly be interested in reading how you developed your characters. I always find knowing more of a character adds to my personal enjoyment and understanding exponentially.


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I love this photo of you, and I think it must be one of those moments when Gina had said of done something very silly.

Yes, I'll write about that tomorrow. I think I hear the voices first, and then the images begin to shape themselves. You'll hear me read part of the story when my film maker friend puts up something on Youtube. I'm lucky to have talented friends who don't mind helping me.

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Glad you like the picture. :)

Yes, Gina took a sneaky shot while I was nearly in tears of laughter.

What you are planning sounds fabulous! Such kind and talented friends are a wonder.