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Jessica Barksdale: Meeting Her for the First Time

I am one of the few weird people on Earth who likes to prolong the wait for rewards. One of the best to come to me after 9 months was the visit from my first Redroom friend, Jessica Barksdale Inclán, and her main squeeze, Michael. I started to really pay attention to her posts in Redroom when she wrote about listening to the frogs while stuck in a traffic jam with Michael in the Caldecott tunnel. Here was a friend who love the song of amphibians as much I as I do.

As I waited in my room for Jessica and Michael's arrival, I was nervous, not out of fear, but from the tingly sensation of expectation. I tried to distract myself by reading Redroom blogs. And Jessica and Michael were right on time, unfolding from in Jessica's spiffy new white Minicooper.

Jessica was even more Jessica than I imagined. I've read about her adventures and misadventures, like the time she had to spring out her war-protester son from jail with the services of Aladdin Bail. I've followed her feverish vacation to main and her slightly-inebriated jaunt to Florida, her how-to-write-a-sex-scene courses at UCLA. I read her and fell in love with her, just as thousands of readers have, but when I met her in person, she emerged into the 3rd dimension like the colorful world in a pop-out book, with more detail and energy than dreamed of. Michael was no slouch in the humor department. I see why Jessica is still amazed by fate, which brought this handsome man to her on a busy street corner one brilliant day.

We were joined by my good friend, Paul Byrne for a beach picnic, complete with champagne, after which the four of us walked to the Little Red School House with its resident goats, Eddie and Panda. (I was in amazement that this witty, beautiful, funny lady I've met only through the computer and podcasts was really walking beside me.)

We laughed at pygmy Panda with his humongous hips that made him look like a furry, footstool. I wanted to jump off in mid-air from the kiddy swing, but I thought better of it. I didn't want to end Jessica and Michael's vacation with a trip to the emergency room in order to fix broken 48 years-old bones.

With all the craziness in the world regarding Fraud Street versus Main Street, it was a sane day to spend with new/old friends, thumbing our noses at distress, winging over our heads. I know we will see Jessica and Michael another again.

Fate. It's all fate and Redroom.

Paul and Michael



Belle Yang Redroom Retrospective: Words and Images



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you two look like you had fun!!

and I want to see you the next time you come to the Bay Area, Belle!

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Rosy, Jennifer, Eric, Evie, Shana, Cheryl, Hunti, Stacy

Come on down or over and we'll pet goats and swing to our hearts' content!!  Wheeee.  Hunti was close enough to drop by.  Too bad we didn't alert him about the swings before he headed south for Santa Barbara.

Love to you all.

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thanks for the invite!

Swinging is one of my favorite things to do -- and I rarely get the opportunity anymore, so your invitation is *doubly* welcome!  I'll certainly pet your goats, too, but since my aunt raises them, I have other chances to satisfy my cravings for goat-petting and goat-feeding...  : )

Seriously, I'll be in San Francisco in December.  How far away are you from there?

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I'm 2 hours south of SF.   When you come, I'll give better directions!!

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Keyboard conversations

And all because of the technology of the spontaneous written word!

Thanks for this, Belle.

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love it!

This all just makes me super happy, almost as if I'd been there myself!  Yay!!!

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Me, too!

I'm feeling a contact high from your sharing of this experience, Belle! The Internet may be responsible for the bombardment of untold spam and scams, but it can also bring us something as beautiful as friendship with the likes of someone we might never have encountered in the 3-D world.

Thanks so much for letting us see the photos from your meeting!

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Vicarious thrill

I agree, Shana; of course, it gives me a particular thrill because I'm proud that Red Room provided the forum for their meeting. Turns out online community is real community, relationships formed there are real relationships.

Huntington Sharp, Red Room Online Friendship Yenta

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Yes, indeed!

Our own Peter Coyote would be proud!


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What a ribbiting story. :)

What a ribbiting story. :)

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In fact, it would be pretty

In fact, it would be pretty hard to froget.

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Which reminds

Which reminds me......

 Q:  What do Kermit the Frog and John the Baptist have in common?

 A:  Their middle name!

I laughed so hard I almost CROAKED when I heard that one.

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Charming story!

 I especially like the photo of you two swinging. Rock on, RR!

Cheryl Snell www.shivasarms.blogspot.com

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New Wish

Next time we see each other, I want to go swinging!


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I didn't know Belle was that

I didn't know Belle was that kind of lady. :)