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Foo Frog Book Trailer
Belle Yang's latest children's book.
Jumping Rope

Hear Belle Yang read Foo Frog in this Book Trailer on Youtube-ribbit

Book signing at Hauk Fine Arts in Pacific Grove on April 11th, 11 AM to 2 PM.

I bet if I talk tadpoles, your imagination will take you rushing back to your own experiences with anthropomorphic amphibians.  If you've never caught a tadpole, I feel immensely sorry for you.

When I was getting my blood test yesterday, I told nurse Patty, about my hike up into the newly opened Palo Corona Park and at the terminus of one trail, I caught a juvenile red-legged frog.  She talked at length of her childhood at the Del ReyOaks' Frog Pond and how her kids grew up observing frogs' tail dissolve as their hind legs developed, ultimately to escape the jar and return to the water.  She has a pastel portrait of that scene done by her daughter's friend.

I started paying attention to Jessica Inclan Barksdale's posts because she talked about listening to frog calls, while stuck in the Caldecott tunnel.

At age forty-nine, I was blessed have momentary contact with the California red-legged frog at the edge of Anima Pond.  I felt touched by wholesome good health.  Frog has that effect on me.

One of the most memorable contact with frogs I had was when I flew to China to escape my violent boyfriend, turned stalker.  I was lucky enough to find solace at the Beijing Institute of Traditional Chinese painting.  The building was grand in the way that the ancient Chinese architectures are striking with their lotus ponds and galleries, which zigzagg across the water to allow year round observation of fish or ice.

The first night I slept in my new Beijing art studio, I was awakened by a late summer downpour.  What was astonishing were the immense voices frogs who answered one another from one end to another.  One group would start bumping and chirping aggressively, and the frogs at the other end of the pond, another band would reply, ever more stridently.  They seemed to have been conducting a contest.  I rushed out from beneath my wadded cotton comforter and peered down three floors below, knowing after years of terror, I had had found peace.

The summer night was exquisite, my the stalker-toad across an ocean.


Please hear me read Foo Frog in this new Book Trailer

Belle Yang book signing event at Hauk Fine Arts in Pacific Grove, CA.  Go to www. haukfinearts.com for more details.



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The book already looks wonderful but the trailer just brings it all to life. We absolutely loved it, I'm sure that anyone who sees the trailer will not be able to resist it.

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Thanks so much, Mr. and Mrs. Ribbit

I always cringe when I see myself on video.


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I don't know why Belle,

You make it look so easy. :)

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I wish you every good thing with the project, Belle.

Cheryl Snell