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Comic Strip by Belle Yang
Based on my father's childhood in Manchuria.

I created this comic strip around the 18th anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre for the Washington Post.  I tried a black and white version, but the editor, Marie Arana, said she'd give me the centerfold if I drew it in full color.  Here is the interview with Marie:


And for a larger, more legible image of the strip below, please click here.




Belle Yang Redroom Retrospective: Words and Images


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I saw the strip recently

but had not read the article. Love both. Thanks for sharing, Belle The Two-Fisted Warrior Artist.


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Red Room was proud...

...to feature the review that included this strip on its homepage last year. Belle, is there any creative or critical endeavor at which you don't excel?

Huntington Sharp, Red Room

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Garsh. . . thanks Hunti.

My mind is like Swiss cheeze, so I must have seen it on the front page and forgot about it.  But this year being the 20th anniversary, I want to make sure I sock it to the pseudo-Communists harder.  I hope you are enjoying your time in NYC or safely home.

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Belle, I admire your

Belle, I admire your persistence and willingness to bear witness, despite the cost to yourself.

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No cost

just a bit of energy, Ellen.  I wish it cost me more.

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You are being modest, Belle.

You are being modest, Belle.

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Hi Belle:

I read this interview only now and liked what Amy Tan said. The idea behind writing truthfully is to convey thoughts...does the transference from one language to another alter it? The little I have seen of your work, I do believe you bring your ancestry,history and even the dark side of your roots alive.

I just get to know more about a different world through eyes I have come to trust.


PS: Not to be a killjoy, but I did not like the title of the interview. 'Woman Warrior'?

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Neither did I, but I like the IDEA of being a woman warrior (and lover, painter, friend, etc.).  Like the Hua Mulan from the fable, I've put on armor to fight in place of my father with language and with pictures, because Baba couldn't.

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so glad to see these, belle!

Thanks for your work and your fabulous fierceness!!

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Fab Fierceness

I like the alliteration!

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Belle: You're such a


You're such a productivity monster! Everything that sloshes out of your inkwell is profound. :)

(I now get to tell all my friends I know a lady who's in a centerfold. :) )

Keep up the battle, O Warrior!


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you do amazing work. Thank you.
Cheryl Snell