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#6 graphic novel-in-progress: Motion

 8 AM  My shadow on the sand. Waiting for a friend for our walk on the beach.  Was stood up.  (Third time with this same individual.)


9 AM  Returned home to work on a graphic novel page.

I rarely create sequential art of movement.  My panels tend to be images separated by significant lapses of time.  Below "snapshots" of drunken Second Uncle, slipping on the ice was fun to do.

2 PM


8 PM  Grew more disgruntled with friend who did not show up this morning for walk.  Emailed ex-friend, "This is the third strike and you are out."  Ahhh, felt much better.

11 PM  Page finished.

Tomorrow, I should be done with Chapter 9 and will turn around and go back to the earlier chapters to work with some suggestions from my editor, Alane Mason, at WW Norton and Company.  Then all nine chapters will go to her for further notes.

I'd like to complete "Forget Sorrow: A China Elegy" by April of 2009.

1:30 AM  To Bed.



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Wonderful images, fabulous

Wonderful images, fabulous beach (who would stand you up, dammit!).

Thanks as always for sharing these, Belle.  So much work!


Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com

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My neighbor, Paul

He later explained that his son was crying because his grandfather is dying and Paul needed to tend to the son.  Forgiven.  But . . .

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Message from Jack

A walkies on the beach! The fur would definitely fly if my pals let me down like that. Megabites! You should have got on the dog-and-bone to me, Belle. Herself spends a lot of time writing her Magnus O'Puss so the extra outing would have gone down a treat. No bones about it, the only friend who's going to come up to scratch every time is a faithful hound. Nose in the newspaper, he's in there with you. Nothing on TV, he'll bury the remote behind the summerhouse. Misplaced your socks, he's got a private cache. Time for supper, he'll eat it for you.

So next time you catch your shadow on the sands on camera, I'll hope to see a canine shape beside it.



Tailnote: Herself sends her best and says she loves the pics. They've got so much real energy. Much like myself.


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Dear Jack

Carmel Beach belongs to the dogs.  You'd love it here.

Love, Belle

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I loved Carmel too.  The

I loved Carmel too.  The family of my best friend in grade school had a summer cabin there.  Used to play with slot cars for days there, hike downtown to watch beatniks,  get chocolate malts and feed pigeons, and then go back and play with slot cars again.

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Slot Cars?

I'll have to Google that.

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is that your shadow on the beach?

love the comic panels. That kind of action is one of the things I love about comics.

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Mornings are great for snapping your own elongated shadow on the beach.  I think I'll do a series on shadows.

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The panels and shadow

Loved them. Thank you for introducing me first-hand to the graphic novel. It will teach me to become less verbose!

Shadows...there's got to be the sun somewhere.