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"I hate you. I wish you'd never been born. You were never the daughter I wanted and you never will be! I'm writing you out of my will, you're never getting anything from me again." My father was almost spitting he was so angry. I don't remember what I had done or what the argument was about, only...
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Not everyone who leads intends to. Some leaders are appointed. Others are hired. Many fall into the position through default. But David, a slightly built, African-American 12 year-old who rarely spoke except to say "no" or "please," managed to do what no other child had ever...
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No one grows up wanting to be known for being homeless. I certainly didn't. When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a famous writer who made a difference in the world. When I got older, I became a journalist, determined to reach my goals. I thought my writing dreams were closer to becoming a...
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"What do you mean you don't want to write for free?" he snarled, stubbing his cigar out on the corner of his battered wooden desk. "I write for free every day, watch." With a flourish he peeled back a page in his ledger and penned out another payroll check.  "See? Free. No...
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"The taste of fresh mud, gritty with sand and sharp with the fetid funk of Mother Earth's own musk, lingers in my mind like a Proust macaroon. No sooner does a damp morning, a humid afternoon or the ground after an evening rain reach my nostrils than the memory of earth, warm upon my face and...
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