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Beatrice Bowles's Books

Heaven's a Garden in the Heart
Five wild world wonder tales of Heaven as a garden under siege from within and without. Open children's minds to the deep likenesses and splendid differences between cultures' visions. Gorgeous full color flower photos on every page by Ted Kipping, photographer extraordinaire. 
Spark Catchers!
Spunky young saviors must face some of the worst-tempered villains imaginable! In these five classic wonder tales-- "The Old Woman Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle," "The Little Man No Bigger Than Your Thumb with Mustaches Seven Miles Long," "The Big Bad Giant and Mollie Whuppie,” “Marushka & the Twelve Months." Then soothe your soul with the...
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These classic stories from five different cultures share a common theme: the struggles of a small or young protagonist against mighty opposing forces. In "The Old Woman Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle," "The Little Man No Bigger Than Your Thumb with Mustaches Seven miles Long," "The Twelve Months," and "Mollie Whuppie," you will meet some of...
Five tales from diverse traditions about resilience of spirit
Five ways of viewing Heaven with its internal dramas and eternal enemies including myths from Norse, Chinese, Greek, Native Alaskan and European traditions. In original musical settings by composer Sarta MacLean.
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Who owns Heaven? Or are there many Heavens? Five stories from different cultures describe Heaven as a garden of delight--but one with enemies from both inside and out. Told side by side, these classic Norse, Chinese, Greek, Native Alaskan, and Middle European wonder tales reveal that spiritual systems- whether they know and admit it or not--share deep similarities beneath their...
Spider Secrets
  Brought alive by storyteller Beatrice Bowles, five classic tales from Asia, Africa and America feature mythic spiders including the kindly Cloudspinner who defeats a hungry serpent, intrepid Grandmother Spider who manages to enlightens the whole world, and Anansi whose Hat Shaking Dance is seriously silly. Connections between the stories reveal archetypal survival strategies...
Description of my design of cross-cultural storytelling programs for urban children in San Francisco's Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park. Pioneeering efforts supported by the Garden's Education Department helped create events for children and their families whiich connected diverse cultures and deepened children's understanding of nature. Celebrations of the seasons linked...