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Dr. Joanne Lynn
Dec 2007

If I had it to do over again, I'd live my life pretty much the way it was (but would appear in a few more amateur stand-up nights, learn to play the guitar, and started earlier buying all my clothes at Filene's Basement). As a lifetime activist--from getting benefits for Vietnam vets, to virtually immobilizing the Ed Meese Pornography Commission, to trying to save America from theocrats--I think I've learned a few things worth writing about. I once started a novel on an old Mac but the first chapter was "eaten" by the machine. Richard North Patterson told me it could have been an example of "divine intervention". Like stand-up and guitar playing (having mastered the clothes thing), I think I have a novel in me--and life is not over until its over. I've done talk radio with Pat Buchanan and Oliver North (don't worry, on the other side) and host a show every weekday which mainly is an interview session with authors. I hope to post a few recent shows on a regular basis, right here.


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