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We Will Never Forget
Conservative Refocus
"To be or not to be," a phrase that has given us all a thoughtful pause, when considering our time above ground, seems now to have been replaced.  The modern twist on this classic bit of ponderous phrasing has now become "to burn or not to burn," or even better "to move or not to move."   These are the absurd questions that currently...
Conservative Refocus: News with Attitude
Jane Jamison, who operates the Conservative Website "Uncoverage.net" has a thriving web presence which offers a "right-wing" perspective of ongoing news items as well as media events.  Facebook is one of the social networking tools which Jane has utilized in order to initiate new contacts as well as to stay in touch with existing friends. On...
Conservative Refocus
It's official.  We, as Americans, can now stand convinced that our leadership has been taken over by either escaped jabbering lunatics from a bizarre parallel Universe or perhaps even body snatching Aliens from another planet.  The stream of nonsensical invective has now reached a siren-like pitch that even the most audibly challenged could never fail to hear...