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Barry Secrest's Biography

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Charlotte, NC
Aug 2010

A native North Carolinian, Barry Secrest is the owner of two successful small businesses of 25 years and the highly successful political website, Conservative Refocus.

Barry's passionate interest in political activism began to take shape in 1982 while serving as an Operations Specialist in the U. S. Navy aboard a Destroyer, the U.S.S. THORN.

The United States was emerging from a deep recession, and Barry had experienced firsthand how horribly the military had suffered under Carter--along with the economy. Then, he says, "Ronald Reagan came along and the USN was quickly brought back up to ultra-modern power. The spirit of the country and the military drastically improved. I was amazed that a single individual could have such a profound impact."

An Honor Graduate of the U.S. Navy Technical School and recipient of the National Republican Congressional Committee's National Leadership Award 2000-North Carolina Republican of the Year.  A Perfect Liberal Storm is Barry's debut book publication. 

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