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Favorite Books

lullabies for little criminals, women, tropic of cancer, one hundred years of solitude, next door lived a girl, letters to wendy's, black tickets, junky, leaves of grass, tao te ching, the epicure's lament, dhammapada, ovenman, almanac of the dead, memories of my melancholy whores, bhagavad gita, catcher in the rye, lord of the flies, before you she was a pitbull, tripmaster monkey, on the road, the king james bible, the sun also rises, oh baby, things fall apart, the book of mormon, the bluest eye, how to ride on the woodlawn express, spoon river anthology, the autobiography of malcolm x, where the sidewalk ends, the national virginity pledge, the cookie monster and the cookie tree

What I'm Reading

best american essays 2007 because im teaching out of it this semester. i am finding the collection extremely unsatisfying


jesus and the devil