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Part-Time Happiness, Full-Time Success

Whether you have a full-time job raising your children or a full-time job earning a living, do you consider yourself a full-time success? Although it is difficult to think about taking on a part-time job with all that you have to do, imagine a part-time position where you are responsible for your own happiness. Your part-time job calls for moments of laughter and moments of joy. A wise person once said, “Our five senses are incomplete without the sixth—a sense of humor.” Having a sense of humor is critical to coping. No matter how old you are or how terrible the situation, laughter can help you to get through.  Cleaver, from the television comedy, Leave it to Beaver, said, “You’re never too old to do goofy stuff.” Laughter is a visual expression that when shared with others can be contagious. The happier you are the healthier you are as it relaxes your body. It improves your mood which inevitably makes you more optimistic. Today's goal is to work part-time at finding happiness with the understanding that it will bring about full-time success.

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Thanks for this Barbara!

Thanks for this Barbara! Another great reminder for me. I have a part time job that allows me to exercise my 5 senses daily, and then I come home to my other job - being a mom and I guess it's more full time than part time. I never thought about the sixth sense being humor and what a great discovery this is for me to identify the light moments I inject into the daily grind as acknowledging that it has a name called humor! Thanks! full time success indeed :-)