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Although their website says, “Sun-Maid has served consumers and customers since 1912 by providing premium quality raisins and dried fruits from the raisin and fruit farms of California to homes . . .around the world,” they are NOT serving this consumer in a timely or respectful way. I recently...
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Create a FABULOUS Life. Barbara Rubel was a guest on Dr. Jane Greer's radio program that aired on January 3rd. Please go to the following link: http://www.healthylife.net/RadioShow/archiveDOC.htm and click on January 3rd Barbara Rubel.  This one hour program is for anyone who wants to...
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As 2012 approaches, you may be focusing on your New Year's Resolutions. Perhaps you can take some time this holiday season to focus on your end of year regrets. Because regret can be a major loss in your life, it's important to focus on how you reacted to it and consequences of it. Typically,...
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If you are grieving this holiday season, I invite you to read an article I wrote for the Open to Hope Foundation on coping with your loss during the holidays. http://www.opentohope.com/?post=20-tips-to-manage-grief-during-the-first-holiday 
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What would the world be like without mothers? Heidi Bryan, author of Must be the Witches in the Mountains, recently emailed me. Her mom has been showing signs of dementia. I see how my own mom at the age of 91 is also showing the telltale signs. As I reflect on Heidi’s email, I wonder how many of...
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Every 40 seconds someone in the world dies by suicide. Those bereaved by suicide will gather at hundreds of simultaneous healing conferences around the world to find ways to manage their Palette of Grief® on November 19, 2011. Those touched by this tragic loss have an option of attending a...
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Have you seen the cover of Neiman Marcus’ 2011 Christmas book? Fashionable butterflies invite the reader to open the pages of the newly unveiled book and view the luxurious and quite costly items within. I was struck by the attractiveness of the cover as butterflies are beautifully colored flying...
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When you purchase a product, no matter how small or inexpensive, you expect it not to fail. When it does, the disappointment can cause a bit of distress to overwhelming anxiety. Consumer satisfaction is important if companies want to continue prospering. Today I made a complaint to Procter &...
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Are you a caregiver of a Veteran? Ill and injured United States Veterans who have served our country are reaching out to their family members and friends for support. We cannot lose sight of the fact that there is an emotional cost of caring. Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki recognizes...
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When you think of the word, curious, several words may come to mind: Inquisitive, probing, interested, and inquiring just to name a few. An effective listener is a curious listener. Be curious about those who speak to you today. For years, children have read the stories of Curious George, a...
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Here is some straight talk about questions which can be open-ended or closed-ended. Open-ended questions require the person to respond with more than a yes or no. These questions encourage opinions and reactions and help to clarify what the person is saying and feeling. I encourage you to use open-...
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In only six months you will be thinking about your new year’s resolutions. Before doing so, take a moment and think about the resolutions you made at the beginning of this year. As you look back over the past six months, did you keep any of the resolutions you made? You can manage regrets so they...
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Whether you have a full-time job raising your children or a full-time job earning a living, do you consider yourself a full-time success? Although it is difficult to think about taking on a part-time job with all that you have to do, imagine a part-time position where you are responsible for your...
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How often have you said, "I just don't understand it."  When certain politicians share their views . . . when soap operas go off the air . . . when the debt ceiling is reaching it's peak . . . when deadly explosions kill innocent men and women . . . when 6 year old beauty queens retire...
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I watch Nancy Grace and marvel at the fierce love she has for her twins. I can visualize what she is like at home with her children: loving, devoted, and always with a watchful eye. I have been glued to the screen watching Nancy Grace's show on the Casey Anthony trial. Casey was a young mother...
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